Spain Ride Report Day 1


After 12+ hours of flight we arrived at Barcelona on Friday (21/3) and we were picked up at the Airport by out tour guide/road captain, Manfred. The bikes already being delivered at the hotel. The group were as follows:

  • Manfred, BMW R1200GS (Road Captain)
  • Richard and Nanda, BMW R1200RT
  • Andri and Ida, BMW R1200RT
  • Gentur and Linda, BMW R1200RT
  • Sam and Sulistiari, BMW R1200RT
  • Bona, BMW K1200R
  • Yus, BMW R1200GS
  • Abel, BMW R1200GS
  • Dyan and Inge, BMW F800ST

As I ride just by myself, I switch bike to BMW K1200R, BMW most powerful bike on its naked line. More about this bike later. The first day of riding (Saturday 22/3) was to an old small town of Tortosa south of Barcelona. The weather was bit chilly especially from us from the tropics. Yet the sky was clear with plenty of Sun to warm us along the way.

As no service car following us, all the stuff that we carried from Jakarta will need to be put on the bikes. The K1200R theat I rode had 2 side bag to put all my belonging with one extra bag on the top. BMW side bag was quite interesting, looks small but can be expanded and provide quite alot of space. The guys with RT and GS also got top box with extra space.

We started aroud 9AM after breakfast. Manfred will always say “” to inform us to get ready. Dyan will brief us every morning prior to ride, led us to pray for the ride to be smooth and off we go.

After about 100+ km or so, we will have brake in a cafe or small restaurant and hot chocolate was the most favorite drink. Being this cold, hot chocolate never teste this good!!! Dyan will also brief us about how to ride properly about the traffic, etc. Spain is using right lane, so differ from us. Spain also have “round about”, thus properly getting in an out of round about is important.

Most of the ride will be through small and twisty road. In Spain we can ride in highway, yet not much to see thus very few highway pass. The road quality was top notch, twisty road, miles and miles of smooth asphalt with very minimum traffic.

For lunch we stop at Bellaguarda a small village on top of hill. Got a big lunch the food is simply delicious!!! Perhaps the cold temperature combine with miles and miles of smooth and twisty riding made your appetite to the roof!!

The road to Tortosa was twisty, checkout Yus with GS in front of the group.

I also installed the point of view camera on top of Yus’ GS. Bellow the clip on the road to Tortosa.


We arrived at Tortosa about 5 in the afternoon. We stay in this 700 year old castle that was turn into a hotel in a top of hill facing to the river and the town of Tortotosa.

The day is completed with us having dinner in the hotel. The set up was just like a Harry Potter movie! A very old place. The food is good and the companion is even better. That conclude our first day of tour.



10 thoughts on “Spain Ride Report Day 1

  1. Niceeee……!!!!
    This kind of trip would be very suitable with my new found interest of photography. Old castles, twilite city landscapes…. sigh…
    If my girl could come along, that’s three things I love the most into one package. My girl, riding motorcycle & photography 🙂

    But I dont know if I can jam two weeks necessities AND a DSLR (and its accessories) into those bags :-p

  2. One of the rider, Andri, is also a photographer enthusiast. He carried with him during the tour Canon’s flagship EOS-1D mark III. Some of the pics were taken from his camera and when the tour completed he was taken about 4 gig worth of pics…

    Wait for the next post..

  3. oh my good …. spain ?

    If i were you i didnt want to spend a single second of my time only to riding motorcycle.

    first of all is about spanish chicks 😆 they are hot! 😯 even better than Ducati 1098

    second is all about spanish woman, they might be mature but is even hotter than Termignoni exhaust 😆

    third is hangging around searching the spanish celebrity or supermodels, Shakira, Ines Sastre, Paz Vega they are gorgeous 😯

    alright, enough about the woman :mrgreen:

    What about the Ducati bike? I know the organizer is a german company and bmw partner, but what happend if the tour member are insist want to use Ducati not a beemer ?

    especiali multistrada, coz some ones is looking for Multistrada, and the other one are try to sell his multistrada :mrgreen: am i right 🙄

    oh yeah the last one, SAY HELLO TO THIERRY HENRY # 14 😀

  4. wow… a 1D Mark III. I’d sure like to see the results.

    Well, I guess the MAJOR problem of jamming my personal gear & camera into those bags is solved (if that guy can bring his larger 1D, I sure can fit my smaller one).

    Now, I only need to take care a few MINOR problems to make my similar trip a reality. Oh, it’s nothing much… only to gather a few days off, and some MONEY…. hehehehehe

  5. Finnaly a had a chance to see the CBR, on a back of a truck passing in front of my office around SCBD tonite.
    So it means finish touring, start racing 😀

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