Spain Tour 2008 – Preparation

Barcelona weather at the day of arrival and at the start of tour is not too bad. The start of tour which is Saturday (03/22) forecasted to be “very good” in visibility with temp around of 17 C max. Should be a very nice ride for sure for the first leg of the trip.

All the riding gear was packed and put inside big “AHRS” bag. This is the only bag big enough found in Jakarta for this kind of trip. The bag is common for track day or for a racing team where all riding gear can be put in just one bag. That includes Helmet, Wear-Pack, boot, glove, etc.

My riding gear are: Nolan helmet (flip up model), Dainese D-Dry touring jacket, Dainese D-Dry riding pants, Dainese D-Tec riding boot, Dainese racing glove, Dainese rain coat, and Dainese balaclava. Just realize with almost all Dainese gear, I should get Dainese sponsorship for this.. 🙂

I bring plenty of under garment, long john, etc as no time to wash your dirty clothing along the way. Not to forget are light medications, vitamins, lip balm, sun screen, toiletries, etc.

I bought new 2 GB SD card for my small digital camera, so tons of pictures will be taken during the tour. For video camera I brought the POV point of view camera, so plenty of on ride video will be taken. MP3 player and at last my trusty Fujitsu notebook and Samsung cellphone.

Voila, all put inside the AHRS bag (exclude the electronics).



4 thoughts on “Spain Tour 2008 – Preparation

  1. As an Ernest Hemingway fan: While in Spain, why don’t you have a go with bullfighting, or at least run with the bulls in Pamplona..? Now that would be memorable..! hehe..
    Have a good & safe trip..!

  2. Bona

    I am coming to Jakarta for a trip in the next couple of weeks and am thinking I might be able to buy some better priced motorcycle / dainese gear than here in Sydney, Australia.

    Is this the case? Can you recommend where I could follow this up?

    1. Hi Matt,

      I’m not too sure if the Dainese will have better price in Jakarta. But if you want to check do come to AutoMall in Jakarta Central Business district. They have Dainese, SPIDI, GIVI shop there.

      If you come by Singapore, the price will be better there..

      Anyhow enjoy your stay in Jakarta 🙂

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