Wet track…… scary!

This track day Saturday (3/15) I got about 30 laps before the rain pouring in at Sentul Circuit. Just after I installed the Point of View camera on top of my friend bike. Well, since the camera installed let just make a “wet track” video.

Riding on a wet track can be described in one word: “scary!”

I think I only get 3 or 4 laps before we decided to call it a day. The tires, brake and the bike just react differently on a wet during rain. For a start you will need to be much smoother on the throttle and brake. The braking point will need to push back a bit and be prepare for a slide on both front and rear tire. That is scary!

I got my slide during brake about to enter the S Kecil and several other points  as well. But most of all, you need to train your head that the bike, be it slide left or rigth, still can be controlled as long as you calm. You just need more rooms as such that mistake will not resulting in a crash. That mind set is extremely difficult to train.

If you see the last portion of the video, you know what I mean. I was overtaken by FIM Asia racer on entry of R3. Now that a racer attitude already. Be it wet, you still can push the bike to its limit and condition allows.

The wet track also took its tols today, a friend high sided at R5 with his very fast GSX-1000. He was OK but the bike damaged quite bad.



4 thoughts on “Wet track…… scary!

  1. @stoner..

    The no 46 is Abel Arya. He is No. 3 in national supersport 2007 championship (MP6), so a real racer.


    The video camera is schock and water resistance. It is not a normal handycam. It is for this kind of used… This is the camera used: http://www.vio-pov.com/

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