Test ride Suzuki Hayabusa 2008

Got an opportunity to test ride the Suzuki Hayabusa 2008 at Sentul Circuit during the Indonesia launch of the big bore Suzuki’s bike. An opportunity not to be missed by any two wheels nuts like me.

Standing still the Busa looks heavy, and it is. But twist the throttle the Busa will just glide effortlessly with power that seems unlimited.

The bike is heavy and for me it helps that the Busa seat high is low. Yet, standing up the bike need extra effort. Once its stands up it is very balanced.

I took the Busa for only 3 laps at Sentul Circuit, my first lap was only to familiarized my self with the bike. My second lap I try to twist the throttle a bit more at Sentul home straight. My third laps I try to be bit faster during cornering.

If you like pure speed and power this is the bike for you, I need to check the speedo from time to time to make sure I was not too fast entering a corner, it felt that I ride 160kph, but the speedo was at 200kph! The bike felt slow eventhough you are fast already! Very-very smooth.

One complain that I have was that the wind shield is bit too low, so for speed more than 160kph it was tough to keep your head steady with that kind of wind force hitting your from upfront.

I hope I can ride it longer, but since there were long queue to test the Busa from Suzuki dealers and journalist, I enter the pit hesitantly as I will need to ride it more to realy felt how it perform in corner. Well, perhaps some other time…



6 thoughts on “Test ride Suzuki Hayabusa 2008

  1. what???
    hayabusa and boulevard imported by suzuki’s dealer?
    look more awesome if that bikes come to my home… hehe…
    hey mister, we need more information from that test ride, not just a simple like you wrote…
    we need more…
    we need more…
    we need more…

  2. I bet you’re thinking of tossing that measly 600 cc toy to get this big ol’ mama…hehe..
    what is that funny looking bike on your right?

  3. @gembil_edan

    I whish I can write more, but with only 3 laps of testing not much can I write bro.. 😦


    It was the Suzuki choopers.. The Boulevard..

  4. ah yes the intruder, didn’t recognized it first from the front, and it looked funny being ridden by a racer with full racing suit and a full face helmet…

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