CBR Update part 2…

Track bike is just not complete with out decals. So do my CBR. Got to have those decals. I got SHOEI, Michelin Men and BRIDGESTONE (hey.. two tire manufacturer in one bike?), AlpineStar, Dainese, even AHRS decals…

I guess with the decals the bike will “look” fast. Why you asked? Because pro bike have decals on it! And pro bike fast! Got the connection?

Just for the fun of it, and to make the CBR look more like a true race bike the decals are there. But I tell you, finding the right decals is difficult. I went to big shop like AHRS, Astoria, even to the side walk vendor and only to find few decals that are good. Some of the decals (like the bike No and the company logo) are custom made.

Need to find more decals!! One decals that I desperately look is HRC decals. I’ve been looking around for HRC decals but couldn’t find any..


See also: CBR Update Part 1


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