WSBK better than MotoGP..?

It just cross my mind, WSBK is “better” then MotoGP.

In what sense you asked? For start, WSBK has more participant than MotoGP. MotoGP only has 18 starter, compare that with WSBK with its regular 28 starter. More rider means tighter race, more chances for over taking and yes more crashes. And all of that, including crashes, is the flame that draw us two wheelers fan toward the race.

WSBK also has 2 race in its race day, so more race to see. Winning in the first race do not guarantee winning in the second race. So if for example on the first race a rider lead too far ahead we can “reset” this situation in the second race. Winning the first race do not guarantee winning the second race.

Did I mention more manufacturer will support the WSBK in the future? As the writing of this post, BMW and Aprilia have confirm their participation in 2009. Earlier last year MV Agusta also considered to joint but chose not to due to sponsorship problem. But at least MV Agusta shows their intention to joint. And if this sponsorship problem solve I bet they will joint in a heart beat.

And the controversial 1200cc regulation that some say benefit Ducati will actually open up WSBK for more participation in the future. BUELL and KTM. Both have 1000cc+ V twin, the KTM with RC-8 1200cc and BUELL with its 1125R that already participate in Canadian SBK.

Imagine that, 2013, WSBK line up will be Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Aprilia, MV Agusta, KTM, and BUELL. 10 manufacurer! It will be truly an “open” race. If golf have its “Open Championship, the Brithis Open”, two wheelers will have their own “Open Championship” the World Superbike!

Certainly, MotoGP is more powerful and faster bike. Case in point is the Qatar Losail GP. The first series in the WSBK calendar. 2008 WSBK bike was slower 3 – 4 second compare to the 2007 MotoGP bike! And that was a huge gap. MotoGP will certainly overlap some of the WSBK bike before the race ended.

MotoGP bike is a “prototype” bike. Meaning almost none of its part is “stock”. Any parts that can be customized and add 0.01 second per laps will be put on the MotoGP bike. WSBK is a producation bike, with tight regulation on which part can be customized and change and which is not. Not to mentioned the electronic. Some say that the most progress made for the past several years in MotoGP is not their “mechanics”, but their “electronics”. From launch control, firing mechanism, etc. All made tremendous contribution to the power of a MotoGP bike.

But that advancement, and combine with a fewer racer, do make MotoGP bit boring. When was the last time you see top 5 racer in a race overtaking each other till the final lap? The last time I saw a MotoGP race was that a very fast red bike all alone in front most of the race! See the Qatar WSBK race last time? The winner was not in the lead most of the race!

Bottom line is that WSBK is offering much “fun” race to watch. With more racer, more overtaking, and a close and tight race compare to the MotoGP. Not to mentioned current and future manufacturer support to the race. And my personal take for now WSBK is “better” than MotoGP.



7 thoughts on “WSBK better than MotoGP..?

  1. I have to agree with you!

    I used to be only a Moto GP fan, but Moto GPs obsession with being the “formula 1 of motorcycle racing” has taken out a lot of the wild factor and pretty much made it just several superstars finishing predictably, in the same order as they qualified. Fascinating technology? Yes. Superstar racers? Yes. Fun to watch? Sort of… but not really.

    In WSBK, the diverse rules keep the excitement there. Twins vs inline fours vs V4s vs Triples and lots of riders on the track.

    The bikes in moto gp are all shaped nearly exactly the same yet the racing seems “cold” and “sterile” almost like youre watching toy slot cars, whilst the bikes in wsbk don’t even share a common amount of cylinders yet race side by side.

    Personally my favorite class in WSBK are the stock 600s, what is cooler than seeing a stock ducati 749 vs a stock triumph 675 vs a stock cbr600rr and ninja 600 all passing back and forth inches away from eachother?

    I think the 1000s will be the best soon though! Imagine an mv agusta, ktm, buell, kawasaki, suzuki, honda, ducati, yamaha, aprilia, bmw (maybe even bimota, rohr, etc?) all squeezing into the first corner of a race. THAT is what riders and fans want to watch, not untouchable clone prototypes.

  2. Hi Triumph675..

    Wow, you have the longest reply in the history of my blog.. 🙂

    But I agree with you, WSBK (incl. SS600 and 1000) are certainly more enjoyable to watch albeit being much slower then MotoGP.

    I wrote the above post after the Losail GP which won by Ducati. I though at that time that this will be a booring year with Ducati dominate the race like they did in ’07. Apparently that do not happen, Yamaha and Honda and several other riders like Lorenzo and Dovi do make this year MotoGP more fun to watch also.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. yup..
    MotoGP honestly more expensive than WSBK..
    so only 20 riders.may be being consistent to get poin and always finish is enough to low level team.WSBK full of old racer.not much young rider..

  4. Hi,
    This year I’ve watched all the motogp races, 250cc GP, WSBK, SS600 and STK1000 (only the STK600 and the 125cc missing from the list).
    I agree that motogp is becoming more and more like F1. I caught myself getting bored in a few races. Only a few manufacturers which keep the good bikes for the top riders and give lesser capable bikes to the sattelite teams. Not to mention that there are even factory bikes which are slow. I only enjoyed two battles with Stoner and Rossi this season. On the other hand watching Simoncelli, Bautista and Kallio in 250 was far more exciting.
    On WSBK of course Bayliss won the championship easier than we hoped (for the good of the competition I mean) but the races were much more exciting with lots of overtakes and battles between the riders. Next year with BMW, KTM and Aprilia it’s going to be even more exciting.
    Ten Kate Honda dominates in SS600 but every race was wheel to wheel.
    I love motorsports. I love bikes. Up to almost ten years ago I was a huge fan of F1 and then I stopped watching. I’d hate to find myself in a position to feel the same for motogp. WSBK weekends are way far more exciting. And I think that WSBK championship is upgrading all the time and gets more and more demanding each year and will win the hearts of more motorsports enthusiasts.
    I only hope that motogp gets more competitive and to see more battles and more riders on the podium.

  5. Hi,maybe I’m late to response but I agree with you that wsbk is getting better especially with some motogp stars Biaggi, Checa, Nakano and etc are now on this side. If Rossi would to join them too,I feel sorry for motogp.For your info, I used to fall asleep watching motogp races which was not my kind of doing before.


    1. i don’t think so. Because motogp is too expensive that the cause of..there are too many riders in wsbk but wsbk is nothing compare to the motogp fans in all around the world

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