Crash Report, 2 February 2008


My second crash at Sentul Circuit. Happened at the short right hander Turn 3 (R3). Coming fast from the short straight passed R2 I downshifted to 4th and 3rd. Just about to enter R3 I down shifted again to 2nd and hold the clutch. Apparently my “clutch holding/slipping” was not enough. Just when I about to lean right the rear tire shook and I was thrown away to the left. The crash was bit hard, the bike flip and broke the left steering clip on and foot step. Fortunately I am OK.

My analysis of the crash…

It was my 3rd lap. The track was bit dump after Friday heavy rain. My first lap I did, just to make sure the track and the bike were OK. The 2nd Iap did and I think I still can push it a bit more. The tire and the bike were ok.

Lap 3 entering R1 after home straight everything went very well. Got my knee dragged at R1, and if you get your knee drag at R1 you know you are fast already. Entering R2 was smooth. And then the crash happened at R3.

Lesson learns from this crash are:
1. Chose higher gear. In the future R3 shall be in 3rd with no clutch holding/slipping just yet. That was pro territory already.

2. It happened in a split second. I think I got bit carried away after a smooth R1 and R2, need to bit more cautious about when to try new technique like “clutch holding” and do it in slower speed.

*3. Do not close the throttle. Come to think of it I did close the throttle when the rear tyre lock. This adding more pressure to the rear tyre as the RPM was suddenly lowered and the compression of the engine suddenly went to the rear tyre, a massive engine brake. I should kept revving the engine, but I did the opposite. You know… beginners reflexes.


The damage:
1. The left clip on and foot step.
2. The rear part of my X-Eleven, darn this helmet was new.
3. Bit tore at the wear pack.

Next track day lesson learn shall be implemented!


*Added 2/3/2008

8 thoughts on “Crash Report, 2 February 2008

  1. I’m glad to hear you are ok. I guess it would be important to do some practice but please don’t push so hard. Looking at you current lap time 1:52, it would not be too difficult I guess to improve it to be below 1:50. But better do it step by step… I my sure you will get it immediately after finishing the course with Jayadi soon… Keep ride safely Bro.:)

  2. tq mas nugh…. yup… it easy to get carried away. especialy when you just nailed that R1… got to be more patience…..

  3. Om Bona… Thank God, ure ok. It must be the excitement, but not to blame anything. Just remember the motto… Crash proves that ure really triying!!! Waiting for the continuation

  4. Glad to hear that you’re OK.

    Too bad about the crash, but it really pleases me to see someone try so hard at something, countered so many bad experiences, but still spirited to move on…
    With that kind of determination, no doubt you’ll be faster than any of us in no time at all.

  5. Thanks Ilham and Eko..

    Hehehe… you know the feeling Ko… when you set the speed right… the gear right… get your knee drag… it just fantastic!! Especially if along the way you can passed Nugroho or Didi.. huahahahah

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