Pre track ritual…

Well, there is no doubt that motor racing is a “high-risk” sport. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and can do you harm or worse. That fact alone often play in you head and sometimes can distract and ruin your concentration in time when you need 100%+ of your concentration to hit the track.

To calm my self prior to selecting first gear, I have set of ritual that I always do before hitting the track. Even the best, Rossi, has his famous bowing and crouching before the bike ritual prior to race. It is truly help in calming your self and preparing your mind to the task ahead.

My first ritual is to check the tyre of my bike. This usually prior wearing wearpack or riding gear. From rear tyre and front tyre. I’m not a tyre expert, but checking the tyre, felt its compund, has this calming sense that the most important part of the bike are a OK.

Secondly, I check the bike’s log book. See if the bike thoroughly check by the mechanics and the log book properly signed. The club’s log book has this check list to make sure the bike is track worthy.

After wearing all the gear and hop on the bike I start the bike. Just before selecting the first gear, I bow my head to calm my self, and recite surah Al-fatihah. I will be more calm after that and ready to twist the throttle.

Once at track, I zig-and-zag with the intention to increase the tyres temperature. I also pull the brake several times to ensure the brake is OK and responsive. I usually start to increase the speed once passed the third or fourth turn.

And before you know it your tachometer hitting 14K rpm and your knee dragged on the tarmac.. And it is just AWESOME!!!

5 thoughts on “Pre track ritual…

  1. Come to think of it, I dont have any ritual except praying.
    I should get me some of those… 🙂

    I wouldnt call it a ritual since I dont do it regularly. But I do check my brakes & ride slowly on the 1st lap. I start to increase my speed on the last corner of the 1st lap.

  2. ah…. that is the reason bro nugh…

    you need to bring umbrella girls on our next track day. then u will get your knee down… xixixi

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