More track day, 28 January 2008

Another round of track day. Guided by bro Dyan, consulted and practice the last points from last Saturday track day. Lap time improved to 1:52,xxx. I do think there is room to improve and lap time to get better as well. CBR was performed very-very well, it simply planted on the tarmac and did not care how hard I “throw” it on the corner. The bike capability is still far above my riding skill.

Bro Dyan guided my self, Sam (CBR600RR) and Genthur (R6) we not push it on the straight but keep the throttle open during cornering.

As to my finding for today track day:

1. Home Straight shall be on top gear (6th). Exiting the last right sweeper R12 on 4th, 6th shall be achieved prior to braking for R1.

2. For R1 my braking marker is 200m. From that point down shift to 5th and 4th and that shall be done quickly. Just about to 100m downshift again to 3rd. Hold the clutch and keep the rev up and glide to right. It is less intimidating now.

3. For S Besar, between corner need to maintain throttle. Coming to S Besar in 2nd keep the rev up till exit. Just after exit upshift to 3rd.

The CBR engine will just sing with the above action, I like!

More pics:

Chasing Samuel.

The groups



9 thoughts on “More track day, 28 January 2008

  1. Go..go Samuel go..Yaaayy!!!
    Bona, at this rate you’ll be in he 1:40s by the end February..
    just don’t kill yourself doing it..! Funny, I actually kinda worry for you hehe..
    Just don’t push too hard..OK?

  2. 1:40? Noo.. that is pro teritory already. Not only your bike need to be race ready but most importanly your “guts” need to be ready as well.. not me..hehehe

    I ride just for the fun of it, bellow 1:45 *I assume* not fun anymore 🙂

    *double posted deleted.

  3. I shall wait for Tigy and Mito in Sentul… let ride together in Sentul bro and enjoy the long sweeper R10-11-12…. 🙂

  4. Fun is at whatever lap time you could ride and smile during the ride…
    For me, 1:54 was still stressful in the last race. My target is simple to ride at the same time or a bit faster if I can, bu with smile on my face…. Xixixi… 🙂

    @ Bona, Ilham, Citra
    Yes it would be nice to ride together. I will joint. If we could take some pictures, that even nicer… 🙂

  5. @Bona & Nug


    For me 1:58++ using my Multistrada is already good enough 😀 since iam practice alone coz my only mentor bro Amos still injured. 😦

    now iam looking for Superbike, but only from Ducati brands 🙂 (Fanatic)

    I dont think its good idea for me if i using an japs bike in sentul.

    since i use Ducati as a daily vehicle, and i think character between japanese and Ducs are compleatly different. 🙄

    at least by using same types of egine i dont need to learn all over again about the basic character of 2 cylinders L twin engine.

  6. @RETORIKA..

    Wow.. 1’58” with Mutli… very good!! You should try to break Mutlistrada best lap time at Sentul. It was 1’55” ridden by Arie Yuwono during last year fun race…

    Keep on improving bro!!

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