Track Day, January 26th 2008

Pics courtesy of Bro Nugroho 


Today track day not so many participations. The track was quite empty with only the guys from R15, DDOCI and Ninja community. S Kecil still bit dusty, and I almost low sided coming out of S Kecil.

Got 3 session with about 10 laps each more or less. CBR clutch bit problem but was repaired and got better through the end. No lap time was timed, but next track day need to check the following:

1. The home straight… 5th or 6th gear?

Home straight… Some say stay in 5th.. but I think 6th still can be achieved. With 5th I think I hit the rev limitter already. Got 240khp+ at the speedo I reckon. With 6th gear the right hander R1 is very-very intimidating.

2. R1, 4th or 3rd?

With 6th gear, down shift 3 time to 3rd was bit too much some times. With 200 m braking marker and 100 m turning marker I honestly bit worried the rear tyre will lock and got no time to stabilyze the bike before R1..

3. Can I go faster at S Besar?

Especially comming out… do I accelerate more and maintain throttle between corner? Or release the gas a bit?

Hmmm many questions.. but I just want to focus on the above 3 first… Need to consult with the guru and more practice…



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