Getting to know the CBR..

With practice firing installed it is time to familiarized my self with the CBR. Last track day last week I did improve my time, but need more time to really understand the characteristic of the CBR. Hence another track day last Wednesday (1/24) with the intention to really getting to know the CBR.

For sure Ducati litter bike and Honda 600cc inline four are totally different beast, the following some of my take on it.

I got Sentul circuit all for my self this time. It was cloudy Wednesday morning and no one practicing. The bad news was that S Kecil section was being repaired. Hence some part of the track was closed but still can get through slowly. Hence lap time couldn’t be timed. The track was also bit dump due to heavy rain the night before.

The first thing that get noticed was the CBR got far less torque especially in the low to mid range compare to the Ducati’s. Understandably this was the characteristic of 600c inline four. But when it passed 10k rpm it was just whoaa! The engine scream and it felt like that you are sitting on a rocket! Awesome feeling!

The CBR was still in running in period. So I tried not to hit the red line which is 15K rpm. Far above the Ducati’s red line. With this characteristic you really need to maintain throttle with the CBR. Otherwise got no power exiting a corner. Gear selection was also key, select the gear too low the rear tyre will lock and ruin your concentration entering a corner. Select the gear too high got no power exiting the corner. I did find it difficult up shifiting on top gear with the CBR. Several time I failed upshift smoothly. Informed this to R15 mecahnics and they readjust the clucth.

Bliping was also bit difficult for me with the CBR. Entering R3 I seldom down shift smoothly. You got to release the clucth at the right time when you rev the throttle. Often I got sudden jolt or the rear tyre lock. Need more practice at this area. When the rear end shaking and you still running 160kph+ with the corner rushing in in front of you it is terrifying!!

Braking is very-very good! I bit surprise! It is not BREMBO as in the Ducati but at CBR the brake bite! And bite hard! The Tokico brake is just awesome.  Passing R2 on the straight to R3 I did get my rear tyre took off when doing hard braking! Need to bit less aggresive on the braking for sure.

For cornering, let me just say that I never felt more stable bike than the CBR. And I have tried quite many. My favorite place is the R10-11-12. Exiting S Besar, accelerate, brake (not hard.. just need to make sure you enter the corner at the right speed), maintain throttle, move your butt right, inside shoulder in, your head to the right, the bike will glide effortlessly to the right entering R10.

When you hit your knee puck to the tarmac you know you have lean enough. Got your knee down the longest up to R12. Before exiting R12 you up shift to 4 to get more power to the home straight. Now that is an awesome feeling.. and that is why you are so in to this hobby… hehehe 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Getting to know the CBR..

  1. @citra..

    Yup… no slippery clucth.. hence the rear tyre is prone to locking due to aggressive down shifting. That is why blipping is crucial..

    R6 has I think a “semi slip”, and GSX has full slippery clutch. In term of “race ready” GSX is the best choice.. but to order it take too long..

  2. what’s with the Kenny Roberts Jr number..?
    and I see sometimes rossi’s practices at sentul too hehe..
    and parks his bike there..

  3. Marvelous riding!!!

    Hmmmm, talking about riding style, could u explain a litlle bit more about yours. Doest it depend on your habit alone or on any choosen bikes?

  4. @ 10 Kenny Roberts, i love this guy… My fav one. If he go for a corner, he make it stick. You may call it text book, but it works. Yeeah still less entertaining 😛

  5. @ilham…

    My riding style is not to crash!!! hehehehe

    Ah you too much bro Ilham… my riding style is no where near marvelous..xixixi

    I do learn a lot from Pak Haji, or better know as Dyan Dilato, he is my mentor for riding.

    Hey, you should check this book by Keith Code

    And by Andy Ibbott.

    I learn alot from those books as well.

  6. – A Twist of the Wrist 2
    – The MotoGP manual of track riding skills
    I been hear those two book as highly recommended guidance to learn how to ride fast.
    Haven’t got the chance to read any of them though 😦

    I had read an inspiring article from the Two Magazine though, written by Tim Dickson and few from Nial MacKenzie, just inspiring, not technical like those two book, maybe one I will rewrite it somewhere.

  7. Hi Cit..

    Yup.. very good book! Fellow rider lent me those books, I still read them over and over again. Especially Keith Code..

    Nice writing btw at HTML…

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