2 minutes no more!!!

Today, Jan 19th 2008 I finally shattered the 2 minutes barrier for the first time! I managed to do 1:54,xxx on the first track day riding that black thing above at Sentul Circuit. Got my knee down for the first time at Sentul Circuit (no gokart circuit or sirkuit kecil) at R4, entering S Kecil and R12. It was a blast!

The ride is 2008 Honda CBR600RR. Strictly for track use. Hence the bike was pretty much strip down with some performance parts that will be installed in the future. The same bike used by Kenan Sofuoğlu, 2007 SuperSport worldchampion. I’m sure I will only capable of using a fraction of the bike ability, it is a true racing bike even on its stock setup. The sheer exhilaration of riding this bike at proper race circuit is just awesome!

The bike arrived in Red Black livery. It went transformation by R15 mechanics as soon as it arrived at Sentul.

All firing taken off and replaced by local made racing firing. It is relatively cheap hence safe your wallet just in case (God forbid) you crash.

Taken off one by one..

Honda’s electronic steering damper..

Naked and waiting for its racing firing..

To be continued….


22 thoughts on “2 minutes no more!!!

  1. ahh..finally revealed,the new CBR600rr..but,why dont u choose the blue stripe??i think it looks more hot than red.looks like marco&elias bike @ gresini team,am i right?hhehe..

  2. @[R]dee…

    Let me just say that this bike is for track only. And not to be ridden on normal street in any circumstances… 🙂

  3. i c..for the race fairing,u choose the blue stripe huh??but,factly u got red for the stock??(*thinkin’: mmhh..red for italian ferrari/ducs..??hey,u got red honda,it’s jap)..hehe..
    nevermind,just 4get it..congratz ya 4 d new ride!,

  4. @sukentrung..

    The choices were CBR, R6 and GSX. But since reading the review in mag and internet I chosed CBR… R6 also the seat bit too high for me. GSX also take too long to order..

  5. @stoner27

    Hehehe… 1:30?… well if you want to kill your self you may try.. xixixixi

    Hmm.. I wonder where the scorpio rider is now, but he probably still pass me easily since I ride slow in normal street… if you have the need for speed.. go to circuit..

  6. There is racing community called F4st, most of them use Scorpio..
    lot of them tune their engine near to destruction :D, so engine blowup during training is a common things, thats why they are fast, also because they train also in a regular basis. they also can do bellow 2 minutes in sentul besar.
    Also the CBR 150 can be very fast… realy fast.. they sometimes tunned it with full spec racing, removing electrical magnet which they called total loss tuning.

  7. @citra..

    You got that right.. You see Jayadi’s time? He clocking 1:52 at sentul besar using 110cc 2 stroke.. Lap time do not lie… I bet some CBR riders and Scorpio riders can also do bellow 2 minutes..

    Hey.. what sukentrung means??

  8. Congrats on the new bike.

    Sigh… another DDOCI board member has gone to the other side (double agent), following the footstep of the chairman…


    Anyway, 1:54 on the first try? Wow! With a bit more practice I’ll bet it’ll be under 1:50 in no time. So, will u be on the M6 class or the M10 for this year’s race?

  9. @ekowd

    Nope.. still Ducatisti here… but for track day 600cc inline for me is more enjoyable and less “frightening” than litter bike L-Twin..

    MP6?? Hehehe in my dream… you need to be under 1:43 for that.. Give EkoWD 1098s and hi will shattered that!!

  10. @bonadjalins

    sukentrung is a nick call from some of my friend back during college 😀

    Btw, do you rent a Sentul garage space (Like some of the super biker there) or do you deliver your bike back and fore when ever you want to?

  11. @citra..

    I joint local club and put my bike there. It is easier if you want to practice… you know when the need for speed rush ini.. you just go Sentul by car, wear your gear and up you go on your roller coster… heheheh

    As a matter of fact, I just practiced at Sentul this morning.. and back to the office by noon… will report soon..

  12. the fast bike …u can…knee down in the fast corner then…hehehe
    i can stand wait to shoot u again….right…hehehe looks Yummy…

  13. hi bro Bona,

    I’m currently sourcing for race fairing for 06/07 GSXR 750. do you have a contact that might be able to help me with?

    thanks in advance.

    1. You mean you’re looking for race firing for GSX? We have mechanic in our club that make race firing for us from fiber glass. I think he’ll need original firing to make a template, not too sure if he has GSXR 750. None use such bike in our club.

      If yes, let me know your email. I’ll email to you his HP.

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