Jayadi Racing School

All pics courtesy of Dany from BikeaArt Mag

Fellow speed rider and Indonesia’s FIM ASIA GP Racer Ahmad Jayadi or Jayadi is opening up his racing school and it called Jayadi Racing School (JRS). Well, for you out there speed lover and want to improve not only your racing ability, but more importanly your riding ability JRS is the place to go.

With his credential, no one argued his racing ability. Perhaps not a household name as his junior Doni Tata, but Jayadi is one of the top rider in Indonesia. Let see what Jayadi has achieved since started racing in 1993.

Jayadi has won National Underbone 110cc, 125cc, Sport TuneUp 150cc and SuperSport 600cc. He has been with Suzuki since 2003, and prior to that we was with Yamaha and Honda. His laps record at Sentul are the following:

  • 110cc, 1.52,xxx sec.
  • 125cc, 1.49,xxx sec.
  • 150cc, 1.45,xxx sec.
  • 600cc, 1.34.30 sec.

As you can see, he will easily beat me with me ride my Ducati 996 and he is riding say Suzuki Satria at Sentul, with me start 10 sec earlier. With wide margin!! Lap time do not lie!! Jayadi also raced with Valentino Rossi during Indonesia GP 125cc. 

Training wise, Jayadi also has participated at Kenny Roberts Training Ranch.  And with that experience Jayadi will also use similar technique he learnt at Kenny Roberts. Both theory and practice will personally delivered by Jayadi, with materials such as Braking, Cornering, Racing Line, etc.

Checkout the following pics on Jayadi negotiating S Kecil at Sentul, see his technique and execution. Flawless!!

His head already at the next apex…

See the helmet, face directly the apex

In racing line… hands free of clutch or brake

Touch the tarmac with the puck.. felt the lean angle..

Exiting the apex.. full throttle to the next corner.

For more infor and to participate you can go directly to Sentul Sirkuit, or you can email Jayadi directly (hiroshi_26042006@yahoo.com) and set up an appointment.

I surely arrange for my self to participate. Not that I want to be racer (too old already.. hehehe) but to beat my own time, enjoy speed riding more, and to improve further my riding ability.



15 thoughts on “Jayadi Racing School

  1. Looks like you’re really into this racing stuff, I wonder if you used to street raced as a youngster.. Racing is a risky hobby, hope you stay safe all the time.

    So, how much for the S2R? hehe.

  2. Hi stoner27, for S2R give me your email I email you the price. Are you really interested? I can give you good price.. 🙂

  3. Hi stoner27,

    Opps forget to reply your original question. Yup.. I dig motorcycle in genereal, esp road race… And no I’m not a street racer (btw. I’m still young hehehee), just enjoy very much speed riding. And the only way to do speed riding properly is in circuit…

  4. I know Jayadi for years, but not much I know about his talent before this writing. I admire Hendriansyah for beating many road racers but not Jayadi. This is very useful information …. So have u start schooling with him?

  5. @Ilham..

    Not yet, but I intend to..

    Well for me I admire anyone riding bellow 1:40 at Sentul with SuperSport or Superbike.. heheheh

  6. I had once actually, we were lineup together at sentul, with Jayady as front runner.
    “Follow me, and stay behind me, I wont’t be to fast” he says..
    Next thing I know, some bikes were into gravel, hehe.

    Even Hendriansyah is admiring Jayadi for his talent you know 😀

  7. Ah… don’t understand what you say Cit… xixixixi in English please… 🙂

    CBR are being prepared, racing firing still not ready.. will post them when done…

  8. Ass.wr.wb saia minat cari sklh mtr dan setau saia di sentul ada. emg bener ia ?
    oia, Om Jayadi buka sklh mtr ya ? Kalo ia dmn ya lokasi nya ? maap saia msh ‘ROOKIE’ :p

    Mohon Bantuan nya yaa.. 🙂

    Email Yahoo saia : nofull_17@yahoo.com

    Mohon dibantu secepat nya 🙂

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