New year…. with a new wearpack!

Well, it is new year.. with a new target on track.. with a new wearpack. My current trusty Ducati red livery two pieces suits has protected me through several major and minor crashes and I must say I am truly satisfied with its performance. Yup, got bruises here and there but nothing major. Remember my big crash at Sentul circuit? The wearpack has protected me while I was crashing at 120 – 140 kph. I was lucky for sure but without the wearpack I’m sure I won’t be that lucky.

Let me tell you about the maker of this wearpack. A local company called AHRS..

If you motorcycle enthusiast, live in Indonesia, nuts about road race or motorcross you must have heard about AHRS already. They specialized in racing products for motorcycle, some they made, some they resell from other manufacturer. As AHRS also a dealer for international brand such as AlpineStar, or Puma. They also has performance shop, simply a one stop shopping for your adrenalin need. Do visit their showroom in Depok and you’ll know what I mean.

Wearpack also AHRS specialty and custom product. You might wonder how does it compare with the well known Dainese or AlpineStar wearpack uses by MotoGP rider. For a start, AHRS costs a fraction of what AlpineStar or Dainese suites cost. AHRS also uses kevlar material (you can opt to not use kevlar, but hey if you love your body better get kevlar), AHRS also uses full grain leather with various thickness, thermoplastic protection, and so forth. And I have tested it crashing in a circuit. So getting a new one from AHRS it a just a logical choice for me.

My new wearpack also a one piece suite. My old two pieces suites is just less convenience and hey… real racer use one piece suite!! AHRS also help me in the design side. I visited their shop in Depok and they showed me intensive collection of design of the wearpack. You can interactively modify, change, alter, etc, and once you happy with the design you sign off for the order.

Oh yeah, wearpack shall only suite for just one man/woman. You! So measuring for wearpack is more elaborate than going to your normal tailor. AHRS will measure your body so they suite will fit like a glove!

It took about two weeks to made, and I can not wait for mine to be ready!


21 thoughts on “New year…. with a new wearpack!

  1. Wah..Mantafff….. New Bike, New Wear Pack, New Lap Record…. Gak penting juara yg penting Ton of Fun… 🙂

    Note: Mine is still under prpcessing now. Hope could be ready within 2-3 weeks.

  2. I got the final one and changed the whole for more simple design on our last riding to Bogor (Dec 31, 2007) and we stoped over at AHRS Shop on the way home. I like the simplicity. I will show you later. 🙂

  3. [R]dee… hehehe… you got keen eye..

    Yup CBR 600 RR for track bike only. For non track purpose still my trusty ol’ Duc… the 996 is for sale though.. 😉

  4. I stopped by at automall yesterday and saw your bike, niceeee.., but I guess I’m more a monster fan… BTW, how much the suit cost?

  5. my office order wearpack suit last year too.AHRS,as we know leader for this beside Ardian from Jogja and Puka 22 from Bogor.
    we ussualy use to test ride underbone in displacement untill 125 cc.
    we always get the same problem.that’s being small more than before.

    bener gak yo Inggrisku? Inggrisku bukan US,juga bukan British.tapi Jowo,he3x….

  6. Don’t worried about your English girifumi… trying is more important that correctness.. hehehe My English also not that good, that is why I’m practicing a lot..

    You mean the wearpack getting smaller? Perhpas its wet?

    Anyway thank you for posting…

  7. No,itself. we have this exprience since 1st Uji Publik . that make us not comfort to use it. you will use Honda motorcycle like on wearpack suit,rite?
    what about your Ducati?
    let me use it,he3x…

    do you have an email?

  8. @ Bonadjalins

    OHohohoh thats your new bike, All new CBR 600, 2008 ? MUAKAN! … EH MUANTABE!

    It should be much faster than Black Cbr 600 owned by PaK Ketu :mrgreen: ? Ehehe why dont you buy the 1098 ? some says it faster and easier to handle ?

    @ girifumi

    Ah. you and me, let sit down, gelar tikar and eat keripik and lets watch them training in sentul (realize that, buat isi bensin aja jarang) 😆

  9. knp ahrs tdk membuat dan menjual helm buatan sendiri??
    padahal pasar helm lokal saat ini sedahg booming..
    saya yakin helm buatan ahrs akan laku keras di pasaran..

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