Practice…practice…and more practice…

It is long year end holiday, and what else to do..? More practice at track! I manage to do another round or two of practice at Sentul Sirkuit Kecil, and my time keep improving! I’m quite happy with the latest result at Sentul Sirkuit Kecil. I manage to do on my latest track practice guided by Bro Dyan… awesome practice!!! Exceeded my expectation after just several practice session. And the most fun part was that almost all corner were knee dragged corner… 🙂

Check out the circuit layout, the following is my take..

Today (26/12) practice was guided by bro Dyan, my self, bro Samuel and bro Eddy also practice.

Exiting pit, and pass starting/finish line is Turn 1. Sharp right hand-er with 3rd gear. With early apex you will get your knee dragged at this turn. Hold the throttle comes Turn 2, left hand-er with same 3rd gear. Passed Turn 2 you max on the gas at this left hand-er Turn 3.  Preparing for the hair pin Turn 4. My favorite turn. You can get your knee dragged the longest at this turn.

Pass Turn 4 apex, up shift to 4th gear and you max on gas and don’t let go pass Turn 5. Preparing for Turn 6, brake and downshift to 3rd gear. Bank hard right, touch the tarmac with your knee puck and start moving your body for the long left sweeper the Turn 7.

Turn 7 you basically lean all the way pass Turn 8. Watch out for the slow Turn 9 hair pin. Downshift to 2nd gear before entering Turn 9. Turn 10 also a slow hair pin. My least favorite corner. Crashes several time here, but not lately!

Exiting Turn 10 upshift to 3rd and keep the throttle on the max. Pass the Turn 11 upshift to 4th. Preparing Sharp right hand-er Turn 12 is tricky. I learnt from Bro Dyan that you need to release your clucth really late at Turn 12. Other wise you will loose the roll-on speed and might slow down your time. Take several tried but I can do it ok.

Turn 13 and 14 are sequent of corner or chichane that need some time to master. Once you are fast, your knee will be dragged at Turn 14.

Passed Turn 14 is the finish line…  Another laps…



3 thoughts on “Practice…practice…and more practice…

  1. Hello there mate!!

    To me, R7 is always my favourite corner. Definitely! Fast sweeping left hander, always dragging my left boot during mid-corner upshifting (I ran Suzuki RGR with standard foot steps and shift pattern).

    This track is the best place for developing my cornering skill! The corner just simply never ends..

  2. Hi there…

    Yup, the long sweeping R7. I saw some pro lean all the way to R8… knee dragged all the way.. very nice!!

    They did some modification for this track, have not ride there for a while already…

  3. I just went there yesterday (thursday),after almost a year. I was surprised that the track facility is now totally different since my last visit. New tribune, new pit garage, and even a near by swimming pool for the families!! They’re heading for world karting series they said, and some also said that this place is now better than the Karting track in Macau.

    Little mods to the track though, only now the start/finish straight is wider. Allowing us to have a better exit speed from R14. The surface is still the same, and so as the fun..

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