Track Day Practice – Sirkuit Kecil

Another round of practice after the last race, now in Sirkuit Kecil. I was guided by Bro Yustinus, fellow Ducatisti and he is one of the FIM Asia Racer with Honda CBR600RR. He is quick on both CBR and Satria. Very tough time following him, and he was not in his max! I only managed to be around 1:16, the next target shall be bellow 1:15, in the 1:14 range.

My Satria suspension also being setup by bro Wahyu, a test rider from a well known local tyre manufacturer. He was clocking 1:04 with my Satria (bro Yus is in 1:06 flat)!!! Rear YSS Suspension were being tuned as well as front forks. Redone by the R-15 mechanics.

Crashed one time, but no problem. My throttle stuck and it ruined my concentration exiting one corner.

Several key points taken from this practice. 

Body position still not low enough

As you can see from the video, my upper body still not low enough. Bro Yus get his upper body close to the bike, hence much stable. I shall correct this on the next practice. I did lowered my upper body and it helps a lot not only on the short straight but also on the corner, especially at the double hair pin. Getting faster (and no crashes!!) at that part of the circuit.

Still not get my butt move enough

As you can see also, my butt is still lazy, need to be more active and move it in the inside. The logic is that if you move you butt in the inside, the center of gravity will move hence reducing the lean angle of the bike in corner. With reduce lean angle you can carry higher speed mid corner.

I got my knee down constanly in several corner now. But need more “butt movement”. 

Relax… relax… and relax..

I’m getting more relax, especialy with my arms. And it is easier to steer the bike this way. No stiff hands and arms make movement of your body easier. Just look at bro Yus… awesome!

Till the next practice!


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