Photo Essay II – Sentul Race December 2007

Well, the photo quality is amazing. Bro Dony from Bikeart Magazine (the mag soon will be published) has done fantastic job capturing the race. Hence without further a due, some of the best pics (according to me :)) from the race.

Carsten on the right (Honda CBR600RR) and Mousel on the left (Honda CBR1000RR)

To the starting line..

My Desktop wall paper..

Not lean enough!!

Chased by Yamaha R1..


9 thoughts on “Photo Essay II – Sentul Race December 2007

  1. Bro Bona… could you ask bro donny.. which photo equipment did he use for taking your pictures…??? Coz.. rather i ride the bike in sentul.. i prefer to take photos … specially.. the umbrella girlz… 😀

  2. @tri…

    I think bro Dony uses Canon. He has several camera and telephoto lenses that he carry around during race. He also not alone. He has team of photographer located in several corner so he can cover the race.

    You can visit his new web site. His bike magazine will be published next year…

  3. @mas tri

    can i help you holding the camera bag or setting the tripod or whatever necessary for your photo session?? hehehe…that way I can watch the race too…

  4. bang bona..

    I know you love race track and I just noticed that you are wearing glasses behind your helmet screen..

    why don’t you try contact lenses? surely it will be more convenience for you…coz I’m wearing it too, not only for riding but for everyday use…it helps a lot, specially when you are eating hot bakmi..hehe….

  5. dek Japra… hehehe

    Yup, though about that also. I do uses contacts from time to time. But according to fellow and much experience rider, using contacts is not recommended. Riding bike you will sweat alot, and if the sweat comes to your eyes with contact the lens might move, very inconvenience and can be dangerous.

    So, I use my glasses instead…

  6. @bang bona

    here’s the trick…
    I know the sweat sometimes really annoying when riding in a hot sunny day…. you know..I love touring a lot, in the old days (well..nowadays I do less touring because I just had baby, she is 6 months old now)..I used to ride my bike up to lampung, palembang, bali and other far away places..sometimes when riding in a hot sunny day, sweat comes to my eyes through my’s really really annoying I know…

    in order to overcome that problem, I wore “balaclava”, it really does help a lot, the sweat won’t come to your eyes because it blocked by this damned good can find balaclava that covers only your hair up to the forehead, no need to wear the one like ninjas! hehe..

    anyway, the choices are yours, I don’t know if you like it or not, but you could give it a try..wear that balaclava and wear the contacts…

    here’s a website for your reference:

  7. Thanks for the info Japra..

    I do use balaclava, not that brand though, but I do have several type. Full face, top head, etc. I do like the Dainese one, as it absorbed sweat quite well.

    Back to contact vs glases, with contact if its move then you must stop as no way you can correct the contact while riding. But with glases you still can adjust is during riding. I think this is the main reason why fellow rider and racer use glases rather then contact.

    Hey, congrats on your new baby doughter! Put things in prespective doesn’t it? Hehehe… My youngest also a girl, 2 years now, simply the love of my life! Heheheh

  8. I’m not ready to wear contacts while riding within the near future, especially during track sessions.
    It’s not the convenience difference while riding that concerns me, but the ‘if something goes wrong’ bit.

    The way I see it, the problems with conventional glasses are probably just sweat, repositioning the glasses and fogging during touring. All are just ‘inconvenience’ problems. But contacts might present safety issues. Losing one is my biggest concern. It happened to our friend a few months ago during his riding trip in Bali. He lost one and crashed into a ditch.

    And the biggest difference between touring and racing is stopping. While touring, you can stop anytime you want if a problem occurs. But when racing, you dont have that luxury, unless you want to throw the race away. In our last race, my bike had a problem with the fuel tank seals. I got sprayed with gasoline everytime I braked hard. Some got into my eyes. I didnt even stop then. And I dont know what will happen if you get gasoline on your contacts, but I’m guessing it’s not a good idea 🙂

    And for my case, balaclava doenst help with sweats either.

  9. hello and thx Bro Bona for all..and to others…
    how re ya? Happy new year. how re ur bike? thats a legend bike why u would sell it?
    Corser bike when race in sentul in 98. really fast bike…soon u ll pass by other ducs..

    to Bro Tri…i used Canon DSLR 400D,1D Mark II with 100-400 is lens with 1.4X converter, 400 f2.8 is lens and Nikon D200 with 80-400 VR lens. for short i use 18-55 canon lens and 12-24 nikon lens. (all camera and lens are possible to makes a sharp pic, the important thinks is ur feeling to do that) .

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