The 2 minutes barrier…

2:00.233!!! What a lousy .233 second!! But that is all about on a race. If only I accelerate bit faster, or brake latter, I should broke the 2 minutes barrier. But that did not happen. On the last Superbike and SuperSport championship I did improve my time, but still lower then my personal target of bellow 2 minutes.

More practice is in order and next year, with hopefully a new ride, I intend to keep improving my lap time. 1:55 shall be the next target for 2008.

As for the race, here some highlight..

It was the last race for the 2007 session. Hence the participants were a record braking 31 racer! With 4 race per row we have 8 row at the starting grid. I was on the 7th row with Amos (Ducati S4Rs), Alard (Yamaha R1) and Nugroho (Ducati 1098s).

The start was intense, with every body trying to squeeze on the first right hand R1 corner. My start was not so good bit nervous seeing that many bikes rushing on the first corner.

After the first lap, the riders were separated in groups. I was in group together with Alard (Yamaha R1) and Andre (Ducati ST2), we all were the back marker. I bit faster then both of them. I can tell that entering a corner I getting quite close with both of them.


If the starting part is intense, the overtaking part is double intense! After several laps and getting close with Andre and Alard, I decided it was time to take over them. Pass R12, on the home straight I know that my bike is not as powerful as Allard Yamaha R1. Yet Alard braking point is bit early, and I overtook him preparing to enter the R1.

Entering R1 I also saw that Andre bit slower entering the corner. Well, I slip inside and also overtook him as-well. It was super duper awesome!!

After overtook them, the fast rider, the Jayadi, Abel, Dyan, Mateo and the like, was closing on on us. I can tell by the blue flags marshal waived before us. Moments letter, they rush overtook me one by one like I just standing still.

There were several incidents happen during the race. Yus with Yamaha R6 low sided on R10, Carsten with CBR out on S Kecil. And other several “almost”. But all riders were OK.

I was overtook again by Andre when Carstern had a problem negotiating S Kecil. He was coming too fast and not able to control his bike, I slow down a bit and suddenly Andre overtook me again. Agghhhh!! I try to catch him, but to no avail.

Finish line, I was in 28 out of 31 starter. Not too bad… 🙂

END NOTE: Pics courtesy of bro Didi, Nugroho and Eko.

4 thoughts on “The 2 minutes barrier…

  1. At leas you finnish in front of bro Yustinus … :mrgreen: and in front of Yamaha R1 ridier, the bikes with newer, faster and much more powerfull than your bike, keep it up bro, next time try to finnish in the top 10!

    saya beli 100 juta boleh ndak … 😆

  2. Thanks bro…

    Hehehe.. jangan nyeneng-nyenengin gitu donk… Opps need to talk english…

    100 mil…? Ah still too low bro…

  3. 100 million plus 1 million = 101 million
    oh yeah,
    iam gonna pray for you every night,
    In my pray iam gonna say :Oh my mighty god, please improve bro bona lap time to 1min 44 sec or bellow

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