Track Day, Sentul Circuit 1 Dec’07

After the crash a week earlier, this was my first track day (well .. go kart track do not count). Bit nervous at first, but after couples of lap I got more and more confidence and I completed about 22 laps (89 km) today. No lap time was recorded, but I think I should bit faster today.

Several key points taken from today track day as follows.

1. Relax is key

How come you relax when you ride 220kph pass the grand stand? Well, when you are not relax, your whole body become stiff, especially the arm and hands. And that is not good sign. It become difficult to steer the bike and it also messing with your mind. When your hand and arms are relaxed, you can steer the bike better as you will use your shoulder and head to move the bike. It was a very-very enjoyable.

How to be more relax? Practice, practice and more practice.

2. Steer the bike with your head and shoulder

It felt awkward at first, but after tried it several time not only it enjoyable, but also improving your corner speed. And it felt soo good!! I enjoy very much the double right hand-er R10 – 11 and 12. When you set you corner speed and gear correct, you maintain throttle and you move your shoulder and your head facing the corner exit. Long and sweeping right hand-er, the bike will lean and follow the long arc hitting the apex…ahh.. awesome!!

3. Know your routine

This is very true entering the R1. You flat out, I only use 5th gear on the home straight, about 200 – 220 kph, passed the pertamina signed, close throttle, hitting the 200m sign brake, downshift to 4th while bliping, brake some more, downshift to three, blip again, and steer the bike right. My brake point still bit too long, but R1 is still intimidating for me, so need more practice.

The routine need to be perfected, and this shall come with more practice.

Pic above.. the intimidator.. R1!

On conclusion I was very satisfy with today track day, and I hope my lap time improve.

Last note: the crashed 1098s body was repaired for today track day, looks good. But unfortunately some technical glitch made bro Nugroho failed to hit the track today. Hopefully the bike will be ok soon.

Additional Pictures, courtesy of bro Francisco Aris of HTML:



5 thoughts on “Track Day, Sentul Circuit 1 Dec’07

  1. Two HTML member is also practice today.

    The picture on the first corner is sweet and romantic, hahaha…
    I think you were absolutely right, when you start to get relaxed and enjoying the corner, you will done routine during corner faster, without even feeling that it was pushing. You just do it and loved it.

  2. Very true bro citra….

    Well, with the superbikes, the 999 (bro dondy), 996 (bro bona) & S4RS (bro ramos) in next week’s race, I shouldn’t get my hopes up high for a podium finish.
    They’re going 220-250 on the straight!
    I’m lucky if I can get it over 200 on the ST2 😦
    But I’m in it for the fun. So I presume i’ll still have loads of fun next week. I wont even bother thinking about competeng with the others 🙂

    Btw, great pics, bro bona. I really like the blurry background pic.

  3. @citra..

    Yup.. I also amazed by the picture.. but what do you mean by romantic… hehehe..


    Is not the straight line that count!! We are not drag racer.. :mrgreen: But how quick you are in the corner.. And we all know how fast bro Eko in the corner…

    Bro Dondy will not participate, so it will come down to you and Amos.. xixixix.. as for me I only race with my self… podium or no podium does not matter…heheheh..

  4. Yep, it’s of utmost importance to be relaxed when riding a motorcycle, especially during long rides. From my experience, the mindset is the key. I remember of wanting to do JKT-BDG in 2 hours time but I made it in 3.5 hours instead. On the other hand, when I did not set any target and just wanted to enjoy the ride, didn’t want to push the bike hard & try to perfect my riding skills, I did BDG-JKT in 2 hours:15 minutes (the not so usually crowded traffic helped, though). Wowsers, I was so surprised because I seldom pushed my bike above triple digit speeds and after the ride, my body wasn’t stiff or exhausted as usual.
    That says a lot for the gain of relaxed body & mind during a ride…..

  5. @r’dee..

    Its a paradox isn’t it? You need to be relaxed when you going fast. But going fast means you need to be allerted as such that your reflexes are not slowing down while you are relaxed! Tough isn’t it!

    Perhaps that what it means by nerve of steel or ice cold blood :mrgreen:

    Rossi, Stoner, Schumacher, they all have it!

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