Ducati Superbike History Part 1, The Ducati 750F1.

When we talk about Ducati Superbike, we often refer to the 1098/848, 999/749, 916, 996, 998/748. But where do they originated from? What is the term “Superbike” really means, and what was the first Ducati Superbike?

Behold the Ducati 750F1. Many regards it as the first Ducati Superbike and just like the successful 1098 and the Monster, The 750F1 also the other Ducati that came with the “Three Colore” version. A true testament on its success.

The term “Superbike”, as many has argued, is a production derivative of a genuine racing bike. And the 750F1 was trully that. It was the derivative of Ducati racing bike the TT1 and the TT2.

TT1 and TT2 were Ducati race bike that participate at the TT World Championship. Just like the Desmosedici RR that is the derivative of the Desmosedici GP-6.

The 750F1 was developed during the Cagiva controlled of Ducati, and if the Cagiva V4 project was not cancelled, the 750F1 might not had seen the light of day.

The Ducati 750F1 was in production from 1985 – 1988, with the following specification:

  • 2 Cyl Desmo SOCH
  • 88mm Bore x 61.5 mm Stroke with a displacement of 748cc
  • Air and Oil cooled
  • Dell’Orto Carburators 36mm

Today, the Ducati 750F1 is one of the sought after Ducati’s bike. And one of the most expensive.



8 thoughts on “Ducati Superbike History Part 1, The Ducati 750F1.

  1. Last Holiday at surabaya, I almost become a Ducati Owner, Huehehe…
    The type is much older then this one, its a 50cc Ducati with Bicycle’s pedal on it, xixixi..
    If only he reduce the price, almost my first duke 😀
    fiuh… a moped duke.

  2. @setyanto:

    If I’m not mistaken, the one sold at automall cost more than a tiger. I think on the same price range as a brand new CBR150.

  3. @Eko
    It does quite expensive for its age, more expensive then My Tiger obviously, hehehe..
    I had to decline, beside its will required much more for restoration.

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