Ducati crash bike’s picture…


Allright! People asked me a lot, where are the bike picture of the Sentul crash? You know, I posted the helmet pics, the boot pics, the wearpack, but where the hell are the bike pics?

Well, I am a sensible bloggers, and want to satisfy my dear reader wish, I present to you the picture of my Ducati’s bike that crashes…

Prepare your self…


Gotcha!! Wuakakakaka :mrgreen: …. see the damage firing on my Ducati Satria. It recorded to have 7 crashes on Sentul Go Kart track. Foot step also broken, scratch on exhaust, etc.. pretty bad. 

The “Ducati” Satria, has accompany me on my track day drill. On how to corner, accelerate and brake…

Behold, the “Three Colore” Ducati Satria with the following modification:

1. YSS rear shock

2. New gear

3. Racing tyre

4. ECU

5. Brake cable

6. Racing foot step

7. Body trim

8. AHRS exhaust

Engine and carbu are stock. No modification…

As for the “real” Ducati bike crash pics, unfortunately I do not have one..



17 thoughts on “Ducati crash bike’s picture…

  1. i already predict about this bike picture …

    i dont think people want to see your “DUCK”ATI 150 FU

    people want to see the Superbike 1098 pics, unfortunately nobody has taken the 1098 pics after the crash, i take the picture but on the right side not on the left side he … he …

  2. @ Bro bona …

    eh how to send my bike profile to ddoci.wordpress.com ?
    btw, whats is your email adress? if you refuse to publish your email adress just send your email adres tp : rheinmetall@hotmail.com

    jolaliyo !

    @ crash picture

    your bike has ALICE sticker on each side, where you get it from ?

  3. huahahahaha…nice try..but it’s surely attract the visitor of this blog…at least when reading the subject of this damned article…

    I would say that you “almost” got me…well….almost….

  4. @Japra..


    You know.. people always like that.. they enjoy “drama” and “destruction”…. otherwise sinetron will not be a hit in Indonesia.. :mrgreen:

    Almost got you also right!!!

  5. You crashed your monster..right?
    why no pictures? is it too depressing? or maybe you want to put it on sale? so you worry that the pics will reveal the true damages..haha..
    Instead you put up, the satria kolore telu..

  6. Hi Stoner..

    No, not my monster. I crashed Ducati 1098s. The reason there were no picture was because no body care to took one! The 1098s is OK now..

    My S2R monster is not for sale, but hey if the price is right anything is for sale right.. xixixi :mrgreen: ..

    Name me you price then we talk… I have S2R and 996… hehehe

  7. You mean you crashed other people’s bike? that’s the way to go..! hehe. just kidding.
    He IS such a good friend then..! or he WAS a good friend.. haha! not so good after the incident..
    I bet nobody will ever lend you their bike again !

    I read in INDOBIKERS that it was a collision between an S2R 1000 and an 1098S, so I assumed you rode the S2R, I forgot that you have an S2R 800.

    So whose bike was it? was it a rental? And how did the owner took it?
    But hey.. it’s just an expensive toy of a very well off guy..I guess..hehe.
    And also it’s insured, right?

    But you’re a tough guy.. already hitting the corners in a week’s time?
    No trauma at all eh?

    As for me, I’m not a ducati crowd yet.. I’m a fan, but it’s a little out of my league..for now..hehe.

  8. Weew, FU with Duc livery… heheheheheh, how much u spend on the modification, including painting? I have FXR (FU elder brother) and who knows it could be the same color 😛

  9. @Ilham…

    I didn’t count them bro.. heheheh .. perhaps too much already!

    The last mod is the Racing Throtle… I really like them! My old throtle caused my troble last time. I did crash onced due to the throtle stuck. Change it to the racing throtle and fine now..

  10. @bonadjalins
    Racing Throttle may be in Indonesian,gas kontan?
    well…you choice make airbrush than cutting sticker.add value cutting sticker more detail like original and make satisfacted.

  11. @girifumi…

    Yup… locally racing throttle is “Gas Spontan (or kontan?)”… lesser twist (about 80% than stock) with much strong return spring..?? So when you release the throttle is return back to 0 in instan…hehehehe finding it difficult to describe Gas Spontan in english… 🙂

  12. @bonadjalins
    well,in road race that part not many use again because new motorcycle have perfomance from throttle not many different with contant throttle.
    that only for fashion..

  13. @girifumi…

    Perhaps you are correct… but I like it! Standard and stock “gas” caused my crash last time since its stuck!! I hit brake hard but the bike still move.. heheheh

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