Track Day, Sentul Circuit 24 Nov’07 and Testing the 1098S

Sentul track day, fill with crashes and incident! There were (if I’m not mistaken) 6 crashes, including yours trully. Fortunatelly all riders came out OK. At this track day also I have the opportunity to test the 1098S, awesome bike! Picture above me riding the 1098S coming out of S Besar followed by Didi (CBR 600RR), Amos (S4Rs) and Jade (S2R 1000).


The 996 were prep early in the morning and we arrived at Sentul around 8 am. This was my second time with the 996 in Sentul, and I’m still learning to ride it at track speed. After several laps, I gain more confident with the 996. As expected the engine brake is enormous, several time my rear tyre “shake” when I down shifted from 5 to 3 preparing for a corner.

*Pic courtesy of Eko

On the straight the 996 is very stable, I think I hit 230 – 240 kph one time.

*Pic courtesy of Eko

I also got the opportunity to test the 1098S, awesome bike. Rode it after 996, the 996 felt much heavier. The 1098S is soo easy to flick left or right. Manouvering Sentul’s S Kecil were never this easy!

Pic above worth big bucks! Bro Yus with is 999R, followed by me with 1098s and bro Didi with CBR-600RR. The 1098S brake is very-very powerful! Talk about biting power. With just one finger you can easily stop the bike. As for the power, I not really push it, since this is a new –  and its not mine – bike.

I’m very impressed with the 1098S, especially after just riding the 996, the different is night and day. But too bad this good day at the track should ended with several crashes, just not my day.

As to the 1098, hmmm.. do I hear the 1098 calling my name…??


5 thoughts on “Track Day, Sentul Circuit 24 Nov’07 and Testing the 1098S

  1. Great pics! Especially the ones ‘courtesy of Eko’. hehehe

    Too bad about the incidents though. I’m glad everyone’s OK.

    I should try the 996 & 1098 sometime…

  2. @Eko..
    996 is for sale.. xixixixi

    Observe bro Didi position in above pics, see that he always on the inside looking for oppty to pass you, like a tiger preparing to kill its pray..!!!

    Dangerous man!!!

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