I crashed at Sentul Circuit!

It happened! I crashed at Sentul Circuit. I’ll spare you the details, but it was involving two bikes and fortunately both of us got out a OK!! Thanks God! It happened coming out of R1 in prepartion for the fast left hander R2.

I must say again and again, proper raiding gear is up most important, look at my SHOEI! I can not imagine what happened with my head with improper helmet!

It happened so fast, as we both accelerate coming out of R1. I think I crashed at speed about 120 – 140 kph. Look at my AlpineStar boot, totalled. It even got some grass and dirt inside, with out it surely my ankle are bye-bye!

WearPack! Always, always use them on track. It protect me from the contact with ground. What I can remember was that I saw sky – grass – sky – grass – some clouds – and some more grass and dirt – and finally some grass.

I know that it happened on track, but I will say again, always wear your proper riding gear. And how good and proper riding gear can protect you pretty well.

The same with road riding, you must consider upcoming traffic, side walk, telephone pole, etc.. Riding gear is a MUST!!!!

Ride safe, and if you must ride fast, go to circuit!!



27 thoughts on “I crashed at Sentul Circuit!

  1. Yup, so sorry to hear that.
    I heard it first from bro Rudi last night when I accidentally met him at PIM. I called a witness to hear the details.

    Tough break. But I’m glad everyone’s OK, & I heard the bikes arent that badly damaged

  2. no…i just pitty with the bike :mrgreen:
    … coz its 1098!

    btw the safety device thats save your live, its a perfect example for other bikers how usefull the propper protection for the safety of the rider ,… including me who always wearing 150.000 fake KYT and Fake AGV helmet ..

  3. @iboy

    Welcome to my blog.. I see that this your first comment, thanks!


    Thanks for the concern, let just say it was an unfortunate event. It was a race track, so anything can heppened. But the good thing is that everyone come out OK and there are experiences gained. The bad thing was that OUCH!! That damn thing was expensive!! :mrgreen:

    Specially @sattar..

    Bro.. better change your helmet, you know the Ducatisti here ride pretty quick at street! Some even ride faster at street than at Sentul!!

  4. @stoner27..

    I don’t have the bike pics, I guess most of us concern more about the riders, so no one care to take the bike pics, but I’m not so sure, perhaps some one did take some pics…

    The 996 is OK. Stoner signature is safe..

  5. Yes, my first question is how are the riders condition? Didi said, they are ok. Oh.. thanks God. I know they are NOT* too fast (not at maximum speed) but I any accident could be fatal. I also appreciate the proper safety gear used. It for sure works very well and help a lot. Do not compromise on that. Bike could be fixed. So.. I just then continue the TV interview.. Xixixi.

    *edited by Bona by input from agustusnugroho

  6. @japra..

    Thanks bro…

    Yup.. very sad.. but experience gained and all riders walk away safe and sound…

    True testament of safety gear and the fact that we rode in circuit, not in normal road.

    You felt the need for speed, circuit is the place… And wear proper gear.

    Ride safe bro!!

  7. @gasspoll..

    I don’t have the bike pics.. the damage not much, only the bike’s firing..

    why everybody so keen to see the bike pics… hehehe… :mrgreen:

  8. I agree that we must wear a riding gear. It must in road condition or circuit. I suggest, we wear riding gear every day. Coz, accident can make happen everyday in the road. I wear full riding gear, everyday inc. full-face helmet, full body armor (back protector, elbow protector, chest protector), knee protector, glove with protector, biker shoes, and proper jacket.

    I hope we’ll be a manner rider.


  9. well i guess u’re lucky, cuz u dun hav 2 follow crash course. no offense. so many peeps out there – including me – never crash themselves safely (literally). i mean, when they crashed themselves (accidentally), maybe they wouldnt survive. nobody wants 2 crash n not evry1 is a stuntman, but when we survived in a crash, we could take a lesson and learn from dat.

    well peace.

  10. Hi guys!

    I wonder if any of you guys have a video of Sentul? I’m building Sentul racing circuit for a racing simulator/game called rFactor (rfactor.net), and at this moment, I don’t have any pictures other than Google Earth snapshots. If you do have the video, would you please share the video with me? Mail me at tupique at gmail dot com.

    Thank you very much in advance, and I really appreciate your help 🙂

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  12. yeah you know

    Price Helmet = Value of your head
    Cheap Helmet = Cheap of your Head
    Alwayas using DOT/SNELL Approved Helmet OK….!!!!!!!

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