Bikers Bloggers Unite!!!

All rights! This neither about Ducati nor bike. But about fellow bikers bloggers that have accumulated more than 2 million of web hits. Talk about serious hitting power! Well, not me off-course.. But the three guys on my right. From left to right, bro Ilham from million and a half plus web hits), bro Sattar from INDOBIKERS(300K plus web hits), bro Tri from Triatmono (240K web hits), and yours trully (hiks….hiks… only 3K web hits).

We met during Sunday Morning city ride and it was a blast meeting you guys in the real world!

Bikers Bloggers Unite!!


10 thoughts on “Bikers Bloggers Unite!!!

  1. hehehe …

    ok, …
    right know i dont want to talk about motorbikes or whatsoever but i just want to talk about the blog hits …

    bassically (mick doohan style) the quality of the blog contents it self are simmilar. but the problem is the blog name itself.

    1. the first one : KAFEMOTOR and know its become is the oldest blogg, with several number of contributor. so the topic is very variety. the blog hits is very high since its already well known and very easy to remember : KAFE + MOTOR see? its very simple. And Ilham also hve a lot lot of community to support the blog. thats 2 thumbs up for him.

    2.the second one, INDOBIKERS
    at the begining my blog title was Ducati Mania with url:
    but the hits was very low. and one of the blogger cmiiw bro girifumi says that better change the title of the blogg, because people will think the topic is to narrow.
    then i change the title to indobikers to make sure it not overlaping with another blogg i also create the new blog with url : its a bit easier to remeber than ducati mania – even though the adress still and forwarded to the blog hits are imrove around 80%.
    2 weeks ago i create a whole new website the website still under construction. but it still accesible and if some one klick the website its forwarded to my old blogg. and sudendly the blog hits increases around 15% per day.

    3.the TRIATMONO also same with my blogg, we create the blogg around the same time. but i think the only advantages that i got is the name of the blog it self. i think the word : ducatimonster is easier to spell and type compare to Triatmono

    4.try this way. create another blogg with the easyern name … such as BONA.wp or maybe BONADJ.wp iam sure is easyer to remember or to type. no offense sometimes if iam not logged or open my ownblog but i want to open your blog, oftenly i miss type bonaDJAlins to bonaJDAlins or bonaJDlins and it happend many times…

  2. Kekekekeke… what a moment, bro Bona!!! The pic represents what bloggers are about, especially bikers-bloggers. it’s all about the passion for bikes. Fortunately, we do love beautiful bikers. and as u could see on the pic, brotherhood takes the 1st place…

    Hits matters of course for acceptance, but less hits does’nt mean low in quality. The massage beneath will travel for long long time to come!!!

  3. I put all of your blogs into my IE’s favourite links, so no need to re-type the address, hehehe……
    Usually I visit each blog one at a time each day, like having a meal of different dishes.

    Anyway, the blogs are so delicious that makes me want to come back for more…..

    I’m hungry, I think I’m going to visit bro Ilham’s blog. After that bro Sattar, then bro Rudi, complemented with a dessert from ‘Faster & Faster’ blog, hehehehe….

  4. Weekkkk, we are food!!!!

    Run for your life brother!!! Keep writing blogs… or they will eat us alive!!

    Xixixixi.. where is yours bro r’dee???

  5. Bona, don’t be sad, I’m one of your avid reader..
    from that 3500 hits, I contritibuted at least hundreds of them..hehe

    Sattar (aka Ahmed?)
    You look much younger than your picture in your blog, actually.. you look totallly different..
    well this goes to all of all look different..?

    maybe that’s what riding a bike does to you, wind, sun, dust and dirt..degrading your looks.. hahaha..sorry just kidding..

  6. Ummmm……. I have no intention to make a blog because;
    1. I’m not a good writer,
    2. I want to keep myself off the ‘system’ as much as possible, which is quite hard these days since most forums requires some personal data to be provided.
    3. I have no idea……………..hehehehe…..

  7. @rdee…

    1. Nonsense… you should watch “Ratatoulie”.. anybody can cook.. opps.. onybody can write..
    2. You do not need to reveal your self.. Many bloggers hide their identity..
    3. Rubbish…you can write about anything… is your blog!! :mrgreen:

  8. @ Stoner

    Yes, i gain weight, from 62 kg, now i am 70 kg. 8kg in 3 month … why ? because i eat so many chinese food (cheap and available 24h) but so unhelathy … 😦

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