Track Day 101 – More Pics

Look at that track lay out! It is Sentul Go Kart circuit. It got any type of corner, 14 of them, from tight turn, hair pin, chichane, long sweeping, etc.  Most of my crash were in the second hair pin right at the centre of the track. The track is bit bumpy and bit dusty especially if you are not in the race line. As you can see also, there are few straight for you to bit relax. It is all about cornering.

Here some more pics from the first track day at Sentul Go Kart track.

Preparation before hitting the track.

Five of us today, bro Dyan, bro Arie, bro Samuel, bro Amos and my self. All but bro Dyan rode Suzuki Satria.


Trying to keep the distance with bro Dyan.. tough!!

Preparing for a turn, body weight shifted..

Another corner… Yes.. I got my knee down..

After yet another crash… checking the bike..

Knee down, elbow down, my-but down, the whole body down…!

Some cut in elbow… I must check my wearpack..



7 thoughts on “Track Day 101 – More Pics

  1. Damn, it looks like so much fun….
    Much lower speed, much more usable added skills on the street.

    To go fast safely, you gotta be a ‘smooth operator’, right? hehehe…

    *I wonder if the gokart track is much cheaper to rent than the Sentul circuit itself….*

  2. Yes, go kart is cheaper.

    But you can only use the gokart track during week day, as week end is only for go kart…

    Per person is Rp 75,000 for go kart track.

  3. @mas Nugh..

    You got that right!! Fun is the key word!

    And today practice no crash!!! 5 times hitting the track, all went smooth.. Lap time was improving..

    Bro Amos was having his knee down to day.. you should look at his knee puck.. hehehe

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