Check out the new 996 livery!

Its a bird.. its a plane..its a Desmosecidi RR..  NOT! Its a new livery of the 996. Hmm I like what I see! Coming out fresh from the paint shop, its cure my dissapointment not able to ride her on the last SuperBike race at Sentul. I must say it gives the timeless design of 916/996/998 a modern and sleek look of the 21st century! I like!

With MotoGP 2007 World Champion Cassey Stoner signature on the seat cowl, this shall be the “996 Stoner Edition!”

I’m happy with the paint job of the 996. The shop painted the frame, the side fairing and the wheels. The new frame color is red to match the fairing. The wheels is black with red stripe. The fairing is red with white stripe.

The Stoner signed seat cowl is now replacing the biposto seat, much nicer! Not thinking to have 2 up ride, so all and all lokin good!

I shall enjoy the 996 more! Hmmm… wonder how much will the 996 worth if I sell it.. let see!



13 thoughts on “Check out the new 996 livery!

  1. @sattar..

    130 bit low than I expected, need some more.. hehehehe

    Black with red stripe resembles Desmosedici RR or 1098s.. heheheh not m600…

  2. 130 mmm …

    better the wheel colours is black without red stripes, since the new GP7 wheel colours is only black .

    my oppinions and suggestion :
    better to put your seat cown on the deposit box, since there is big possibility for some one to take it from you etiher in legal or illegal way 👿

  3. @sattar,

    I like black with red stripe better, black only is like my monster S2R..

    I remember your suggestion… it is a collectible item as people said it.. xixixi.

  4. Bona, you should apply clearcoats to that stoner seat cowl, at least ten times..
    or you should make a duplicate and keep the original for safe keeping…:-)

  5. Una bella ragazza è tuttavia una bella ragazza, ciò che mai veste colora indossa. Con la sua vernice .

    With its new paint, does it make think twice to enter the circuit tarmac.
    *Remember that one the Ducati owner say that recently 😀

  6. Bro Citra…

    Yes.. you got that right! Hehehehe…

    My track day objectives is to enjoy the bike and its capability. I’m neither race professionally nor pushing the bike to its limit. I know that my limit far lesser than what the bike can do.. so I hope I will not crash this baby in my next track day… hehehehe..

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