National SuperSport and SuperBike Championship – Race Day

Race Day! I must say I’m happy with the result. My time improved from 2:13 to 2:06, and I got second place in the Novice SuperBike class. I decided not to participate in the afternoon race, just don’t felt right.

The first position in my class was Allard, he was riding the powerful Yamaha R1 and our best lap time only have 1 second different, Ha! not too bad for S2R that has half the power of R1!

The day went smoothly, all race went safe and OK. We have fellow rider with Yamaha R6 out in R12 and DNF, but he was ok.

I’m still listed riding 996, not S2R. I bet I can improve my time if I ride the 996, well perhaps on the next race!

More Pics:

The guys all smiles! *pics courtesy of Eko

Still got my visor up, must be warm up lap.

Chasing… opps being overlap by 999

Crunch time!!!



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