Memorable Moments, 2007 Sepang MotoGP

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes… It was Sepang MotoGP weekend in KL and there were a lots of bikes! Malaysian rider is much more fortunate then us. They rides in smooth big roads, less traffic and can have access to highway (tol road). Malaysia also frequently visited by other riders from Thailand, HK, and other countries, simply rider paradise; especially during MotoGP weekend.

To conclude the post for Sepang 2007 MotoGP, the following some memorable pics.

Hmm.. are you sure you want to do that.. a coffin?

What a ride…. Randy Mamola take you for a lap or two. He did wheelie as well… hit his helmet to slow down.. (seriously)..

Hahaha.. thats was a good one Danny.. hehehe, just chillin’ with a friend..

Our friends from SAM (Superbike Association of Malaysia), thanks for the hospitality guys!

The blue fans were from Indonesia.. from Yamaha Indonesia I think, rooting for Tata and Rossi…

Stoner coming out from the paddock..

While Adriana waiting patiently…

It was a fantastic trip…!!! I hope to see you guys again in 2008!!


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