Ducati Desmo Owner Club Indonesia

Fellow Ducatista Indonesia Unite!

To strengthen our brotherhood (and sisterhood), we have Ducati Desmo Owner Club Indonesia (DDOCI). DDOCI has just selected new club organization as follows: Club President bro Didi (Ducati ST2), Vice President bro Jade (Ducati Monster 900), Program Coordinator bro Eko (Ducati Monster 750), Logistic/General Affair bro Amos (Ducati Monster S4RS) and Club Secretary yours truly Bona (Ducati Monster S2R).

Club web site is http://ddoci.wordpress.com

We also have new temporary secretariat, a place where Ducatista can hang around, at Jl. Mendawai I No 52, Jakarta Selatan.

So if you love Ducati, does not matter if you own Ducati, you are Ducatista already! Joint us at the secretariat and do visit ddoci web site for more exciting news about our organization.



6 thoughts on “Ducati Desmo Owner Club Indonesia

  1. thanx god the president of DDOC not mr Jewel Iskandar (Monster City 600) if he being selected its gona be : DMPPM = Ducati Maksiat and Panti Pijat mania … he he ..

    RX7 Arai : AUD 1550 …

  2. Helo Charli…

    Sorry, but I am not renting the Duc! hehehe. But I’m thinking to sell the 996 tough.. let me know if you interested.

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