S2R – Before and After


The before and after. From stock shoot gun both on the side type, to free flow dual under the seat type. I must say both are equally good, but stock unit look better from the right side only since both silencer are on the right side. From the left, the new Zard exhaust is much better.

I must say the new look is meaner. More street fighter like compare to the stock. The rear tyre is more exposed, and with the Monster fat rear tyre is just very nice.. hmmm.

No more cat converter that I think is the ugliest part of the Monster, bar none.

I also like to view from the back, like a rocket launcher! Caution, don’t stop behind me if you don’t want to feel the exhaust gas.. hahaha.

Zard I think is the only manufacturer that made “round” under seat silencer. Arrow made round silence, but both on the right side. Termi made under the seat silencer but both are not round. Hence the decision to go to Zard.

The titanium finish is also very nice. Compliments the front fork that also has the same color. Other version is Carbon Fiber, but I think the Titamium is much better.

The only complaint I got was the missing manifold (manipol). Apparently the unit also for the S4Rs that has short stock manifold. Zard do not provides this short manifold, fortunately that sort part can be made locally.

Also no more catalytic converter, just mid pipe directly to the silencer. I know this will violate the Euro 3 but heck I got no problem with that!

The sound you ask? Loud! But I like! Low and with that rumble, sweet. Totally different with that of Harley’s sound. When you open the throttle, the sound is awesome! I do hope the neighbour don’t mind.

All and all, I must say I’m happy with the mod. What next… hmmmm let see. Continued..


24 thoughts on “S2R – Before and After

  1. Vey nice!
    I’ve heard it first hand (even before the owner did), and it was loud, yet charrismatic with its beastly low pitched growl…
    A symphony to my ears… hehehe

  2. Thanks Bro.. I only heard Zard’s sound on youtube before, and wasn’t really sure if its sound as good as Termi. Took my chances and turn out OK, now I’m happy man .. 🙂

  3. Hmmm, I tracked back your old posts.. and there’s alot I haven’t read.
    So I’m keeping a close eye on this particular monster…
    there’s this thing called financing companies.. right?
    but one thing confuses me again.. what’s with the license plate?
    10-08..it must be wrong.? should be 08-02? right??

  4. The.. pipes…must… stay..ugh.. ugly..converter…aagh,!
    you’ve said it yourself..hehe..
    this bike is reaaally growing on me..
    what to do..what to do..?

  5. Well hold on to her for me as long as you can,
    I’m exploring all my options to bring her to my garage…
    You keep her nice and warm and shiny, have fun with the honda..hehe
    and next time you go to sepang, bring that seat cover and get me another autograph…

  6. @stoner27..

    Better be quick! My 996 sold already, Ducati is a hot item now a day. Have several prospect asking about the S2R already… some with serious offer… heheh not to push you or anything.. but as they say “siapa cepat dia dapat”..

  7. Pressures…hmmh…

    Well I know my chanches are very slim bidding against real ducatisti, since I don’t have the cash..yet.. not to mention getting a clearance from the misses first hehe..

    Well if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be..

    Btw I am betting you want to get a 1098S right? I wonder if you got a nice discount for the one you crashed? hehe. I saw the bike.. it looks brand new until you look inside and under the windshield..hehe. and no mirrors too..cmiiw..

  8. @stoner27…

    Nope… 1098 just too much for me. Performance wise and price wise. My current Monster S2R for city riding, CBR for track.. I’m happy man.. 🙂

  9. watching you practice I bet you will outgrown the 600 and hungry for true litre superbike performance hehe.
    btw, the rear passenger’s footstep on the monster looks “ngangkang”..not symmetrical with the left one.
    Is it because of the old pipes position? looks weird with the tucked-in pipes of the zard.

  10. @stoner27..

    Heheheh.. never say never..

    You got keen eye. The right pillion footstep is bit wide. Since the stock silincer are both on the right side. Currently I did not put the pilion footstep.. My better half do not share my passion for motorcycle.. heheheh

  11. Keen eye..? No.. I just can’t stop staring at your bike..hehe.
    But don’t worry, not that I’m a bike stalker or anything hehe..

    btw, if I get a cheap ass 10-year old bodong CBR and use it only at sentul like you, will I be still breaking the law? (since the bike is.. well… bodong)

    ’cause your racing stories starts to grow on me too..hehe

  12. I don’t think you are braking the law.. since Sentul is not public road. But don’t quote me on that. I’m no lawyer.. heheheh

  13. @ Bonadalins

    i got the feeling that there is a big sense of revenge around here … especialiy about the price tag 😆 👿

    Tega niaaaaaaan …. 80 mil rups 😯 …. tega niaaaaaaan ….

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