What…?? me on TV.. nooo…

Did you ever trick by a friend, and ended up being a TV features with your Monster? Happened to me once. Bit strange to see your self on TV, but I did ok I guess. Just need to trim that body fat a bit.

One evening a very familiar voice drop me a line asking me to join him for a short ride for a TV features. No more details were provided, and I though I will accompany him on some TV features about Ducati in general.  Well the Ducati part was correct, but to my surprise and to be more specific the features was about me and my Monster!

The shows was for Mototrax TV show at Global TV. The show was about motorcycle in general. Mine was about – off course – Ducati Monster. The bike will be the features and also the owner. I was interviewed and also being shoot by the video camera. The crew were quite elaborate, they took I think about an hour just to shoot the bike.

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They also took me when I ride my Monster. We did a round or two in my housing complex and the crew took the video of me from back, side and front also during braking, etc.

The following Monday the show were on, 11 PM on Global TV. I laugh the first time I saw my interview on TV. Also when I saw my self riding the Monster. I did record the show and showed it to my kids. They scream, “Hey that is you Daddy!!”, and jump around in excitement. Kids. Ah, anything to put smile in their face.

 All and all it was a new and nice experience. Perhaps I should asked for some money next time. 


10 thoughts on “What…?? me on TV.. nooo…

  1. Dear Bro Bona,

    I was just inspired, when i was watching your video on youtube…!!! I’ve just an idea ..off course if it’s possible.. to interview you .. and i will post the interview on my blog… coz i think … you could be a role model for the bikerz.. and also specially for the young generation..

    But that’s only an idea… off course … if you agree… and sorry the is no money as reward for interview… ha..ha… i thought i must honest.. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ah, bro Triatmono.. I’m flattered. But c’mon.. I’m no role model.. xixixi.. I dont’t think owning a Ducati or two made me a role models.

    I do, however, enjoy talking about sport bike, or Ducati in particular, and if the interview only about those two subjects count me in 😉 No worries, my appearence fee is cheap hahaha just kiddin’…

  3. Ha..ha…
    You know… sometimes.. when i have an idea… i just try to sell it.. like i make a blog.. and i could see the the positive site of your personality… really.. and not only talk about the bikez… for instance… if young generation like a race.. they could follow your habit to ride a bike in Sentul… time management … how you handle and manage the time for office activity, hobbiez, and also your family… network or relationship… how you make a relationship… so not only about the bikez…
    I think it’s important to try to give a balance information to the public.. that there are many bikerz.. that have a good personality.. and this is very useful for the young generation…. so they will have a role model.. at least one of the role model..
    Again .. i just sell the idea… and i am not good reporter… but i just follow my instinct…
    and i believe every person has unique positive thing ..that we can explore and sell it..
    So.. if you agree let me know.. !!! 😀

  4. Bro triatmono…

    What the heck… lets do it.. hihihi..

    But I do hope the interview is more on the sport bike/Ducati and less about personal stuff .. is that OK..


  5. Bro Bona,
    Very cool bike and really enjoy reading your blog! Wish could afford Ducati bike but unfortunately my pocket is not deep enough and could only think of Japanese Bike such as CBR 600 RR or Yamaha R 6 for the moment.

  6. Thank you bro John..:) Glad that you like my humble blog.

    I see you like Jap bike, personally I like them too. I almost bought CBR600RR but found 996 instead. I guess I couldn’t change of heart… hahaha

  7. Hahaha. I like this…

    I have a full convidence that this new “TV Star” could apprear charming and quite expert to some technicalities bike detail.

    Sorry I can’t accompany you at the event. I got flu and the TV man said actually they only need one bike to be focus on. So I then come as a supporter only.. Xixixi

    We are amateur and you have done it very well Bro. At least, it is good to have the new bike documented in commented video like that. 🙂

  8. Welcome bro Nugh to my humble blog…

    Yup.. new experience.. never before being interviewed by TV before… well.. there must be a first for everything right.. xixixi

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