Ducati World MotoGP Champion 2007

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Finally, Ducati rider Casey Stoner captured the 2007 MotoGP world champion. And this was not a supprise if you followed the 2007 MotoGP session. The strength of Ducati Desmosedici GP’s bike is already well known since its first start in MotoGP. Stoner on his second year at MotoGP has proven that he can tame the beast and ride to victory.

Ducati arrive at MotoGP after 30 years of absence. One of the reason was that the new regulation of 4 stroke of the Grand Prix. Yet Ducati is not new in the world of racing. Ducati has dominated the WSBK championship with his superbike line.

Desmosedici is Ducati’s answer to the prototype racing bike. It is 4 cyl, as oppossed to 2 cyl Ducati’s Superbike, in L configuration. With its 16 desmodromic valve, hence the name Desmosedici – 16 desmo, its regarded as the most powerfull MotoGP bike ever producing more than 200 hp with its 150 kg body.

Many regards that Ducati should win in 2006, but crash in valencia that involving two of its rider proven to be costly to Ducati in 2006. In 2007 they start early capturing GP after GP in the first half of the session.  The rest is history.

Congrats Ducati, and congrats Stoner!



3 thoughts on “Ducati World MotoGP Champion 2007

  1. you are right, brother…
    now MotoGP have a new champion and constructor champion too..(I believed!)…

    I think very soon I have to sell my Yama R1 and buy myself a duke !! huahahaha…
    but my pocket is not that thick….anybody want to make donation???

  2. Bro Japra..

    Apparently some how your posting were considered SPAM by wordpress.com. I don’t know why. But I have recover your post. Apology for the unconvenience bro 🙂

    Ah.. you own R1? That is one heck of a bike bro.. niiiiiceee…

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