Under the skin… behold the 996

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First order of business…. Bring the 996 to the nearest authorized Ducati workshop for thorough check up. I listed down the things that need to be checked, oil, oil filter, timing belt, brake, plug, clutch, and so on. Good things I got the 996 together with it consumable spare parts. Just to be on the safe side I decided to replace the parts with the spare I got.

Look at that.. with all fairing removed, what a timeless piece. Two under the seat silencers, single swing arm, trellis frame, L-twin, its cunningly resembles the younger brother – the very popular 1098.

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The airbox picture

First report I got was a good one. The engine is in a good condition. The airbox bit cluttered but easily clean. Sapto, Ducati mechanics, has changed the timing belt, replaced the oil, checked the engine and all were a OK.

He recommended to change the clutch plates, which I obliged, since it was too thin already and less then the recomended thickness. I am thinking to upgrade the clutch with the slipper one. But perhaps latter till I tested the 996 in Sentul.


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The clutch picture

The spark plug also changed, as the old one may caused the back firing that I have experienced.

I have listed already, some upgrade that I will do in the future. Mostly for looks though, like the wheels is bit out dated. And monoposto seat, as its look much better compare to the biposto that I got.

But lets just enjoy the 996 as it is for now. And see how it goes.

Overall the 996 is in good condition, and as I write this blog is still at the shop. Waiting for the head mechanics, Andree, to give final nod before releasing the 996.


3 thoughts on “Under the skin… behold the 996

  1. Nice bike you have there, brother..and you are maintaining it well !!

    by the way, I am facing difficulties when trying to post my comment in the other article (Ducati model 996 year 200), the screen wouldn’t refresh to the page my comment posted, instead it’s heading to an annoying “page cannot be displayed” screen..I have tried so many times but it never work 😦

    what happened?

  2. Since it works here, so I am posting my comment in here then..

    Sorry brother..

    I read the Ducati model 996 year 200 article (and made my comment in Bahasa) before I read the “about” column of yours, so I didn’t notice that, sorry…

    Next time, I promise…I’ll use 100 % of my english writing skill to post my comments hehe..

    In my office, we use 95% english to communicate, we only speak bahasa to other local colleague, that’s why sometimes I prefer to write in bahasa if it is informal, like when I’m making comments on the web blog, even sometimes I wrote in very deep betawi accent (perhaps you noticed some of my comments in brother Tri’s web blog).
    I found it is fun to write comments in deep betawi accent 🙂

    Anyway, nice to know you…nice web blog you got here..and nice hobby you have too..ducati is one of the motorcycle legend in the world!!

    Ride safely, brother….


  3. Thanks masbro!! 🙂

    Well I hope I can maintain it well, the previous owner obviosuly has done a good job maintaining this 996. Thumbs up for him!

    I don’t know also about the problem you faced.. hopefully will not happen again in the future.. other wise no visitor… xixixixi…


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