Ducati 996 model year 2000

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Here it is… the 996. The direct descendants of the legendary 916. L-Twin 2 Cyl-Desmo, DOHC, 996 cc. With max power of 112 hp @ 8500 rpm and 9.5 kg-m @ 8000  rpm of torque. World Superbike Rider Champion in 1998, 1999 and 2001. Used by Trinity in the famous freeway scene in the film The Matrix Reloaded and it is now in my garage.

The 996 design is exact replica of the 916 that was designed by the famous motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini. Tamburini design contrast sharply with the designs of the Japanese’s bike. Tamburini design is stunning and timeless, look at the current production of Cagiva Mito, that also restyled by Tamburini,  has similiar lines and cunning similiarity in the front and rear fairings with the 996 (916). A testament of Tamburini timeless design.

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Mine has 11,000 km on it, in rosso red with white decals on the wind shield. The fairing is still in good condition with DUCATI PERFORMANCE decals put nicely on it. The exhaust is still stock, but modified for free flow. The sound is unmistakebly Ducati. Loud and  low, totally different with that of Harley, let alone the Jap inline 4.

The 996 comes with adjustable front and rear Showa forks. The previous owner also upgraded the steering dumper with Ohlins adjustable steering dumper. A big plus since the stock 996 uses non adjustable steering dumper. The clip-on was also upgraded. Hence the riding position is less agressive compare to the stock unit.

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My first test ride was during the evening the 996 delivered. As I have predicted, the torque is immense. I think I can get 100 kph on its 1st gear with the 996. There are some twisty road in Lebak Bulus, took it there for a test ride.

The bike definetely need some tune up and thorough check up. Back fired several time and stalled. Other than that, it was a true sport bike. It accelerate like a sport bike, corner like a sport bike and stop like a sport bike. I ride several other Ducati’s bike before and I never felt power than the 996 delivered. Perhaps 999 or the current 1098 Superbike deliver more, but for my riding skills all superbike will not even near its true potential under my crouch.

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So far I have been very sattisfied with the bike. At the time I write this blog, the bike is at the Ducati workshop for thorough check up and tunning. Look forward for a track day’s blast with this bike!


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21 thoughts on “Ducati 996 model year 2000

  1. Congrats bro Bona.
    Two high performance duke ready to be brutally used 🙂

    That’s two-third of my dream. My dream was to have 3 dukes. One Monster with a box (like mine now) for daily use, one Multistrada with a top box & side box like bro nug’s for long distance touring, and a superbike for track-use & ‘showing off’. hehehe

  2. Thanks bro Eko…

    Yup, this shall be the track bike. Perhaps also for some showing off for bike week… hehehe..

    For everyday/touring short and long, the S2R is my ride….

  3. waduh, mas…

    keren juga blog-nya..saya baru sempet jalan2 ke blognya skr…
    mas ini pencinta ducati sejati ya mas? hidup ducati !!..saya juga seneng motor ducati, cuma ya satu masalahnya..hehe..mahallll….

  4. Sorry brother..

    I read this article (and made my comment) before I read the “about” column of yours, so I didn’t notice that, sorry…

    Next time, I promise…I’ll use 100 % of my english writing skill to post my comments hehe..

    In my office, we use 95% english to communicate, we only speak bahasa to other local colleague, that’s why sometimes I prefer to write in bahasa if it is informal, like when I’m making comments on the web blog, even sometimes I wrote in very deep betawi accent (perhaps you noticed some of my comments in brother Tri’s web blog).
    I found it is fun to write comments in deep betawi accent 🙂

    Anyway, nice to know you…nice web blog you got here..and nice hobby you have too..ducati is one of the motorcycle legend in the world!!

    Ride safe, brother….


  5. @japra

    I really agree with Bro Bonadjalins.. you have to speak in English.. this is the rule, which is made by host of this blogz.. 😛

    Nach meiner Meinung, diese Blog ist ja toll.. Bro Bonadjalins, Sie mussen ja nicht nur Ducati, aber auch uber andere Motorrad erklaren… !!! Viel Erfolg… 😀

  6. @triatmono

    Yup masbro.. you are correct ..

    Wow… I don’t speak Germany… the only word I understand is Ich liebe dich (pardon the spelling) but not to you off course.. huahahahaha..

    Thanks bro.. I’m sure the words means well .. 🙂

  7. Hi guys,
    look at the size of that battery!, looks like a car battery! an equivalent of an avanza’a maybe? 🙂
    Retorika..you have a Vario also? I pictured you riding more like a piaggio..
    btw my eye is more on the monster…..nice…

  8. I have a 1999 Ducati 996. Last year I started having problems with the bike overheating. After several months in the shop I was told I have either a blown head gasket or a cracked head. (I’m not sure if the shop knows what they are doing as they indicated this was their best guess). Is this a common problem for this bike? It only has 11K miles on it. If this is the case does anyone know where to find used heads or motor and are the heads interchangable with any of the other Ducati (i.e. 748, 916, 998, etc) Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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