Ducati (Fun) Race … Part 1

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Before I forget about one of the most exciting episode of my riding experience, I shall blog it and share my take on this Ducati (Fun) Race. The (Fun) Race, or lets just call it the race for now, was actually a safety riding event organized by the good foolks at PT Super Moto for Ducati owner in Indonesia. The race shall be the penultimate event, some sort of graduation process, of the safety riding activity. With the ultimate goals to equip the participants with proper riding technique to ride the Ducs properly and offcourse safely.

But enough talk about safety and road manners, lets talk about speed and how to smoke that bike in front of you ! That’s why we buy Ducati in the first place, right!

As I mentioned above, the race was a sequence of events starting from Safety Riding Course, The Race it self, and offcourse Ducatista gathering after the race. I have yet to own Ducati when I entered to participate, but had put down my down payment for my S2R, thus the folks at Super Moto lend me one of their Ducs. Talk about customer service!

The Multistrada 620 lent to me was the first Ducati, and big bore bike, I have ever ridden. More about that experience is blogged in this site (look it up if you really want to know!). It was delivered to my house just day before the first Safety Riding course.

The Safety Riding course were delivered by Dyan Dilato, a road racer himself, as instructure. It was an interesting course covering from riding in general to riding in a race or circuit. I encourage and recommend fellow riders to parcipate in this type of course, it is an eye opener about how to ride safely.

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There were plenty of new information that you learn from the expert, but one thing for sure, I was hooked! Riding, or should I say, racing your bike at a proper circuit like Sentul for me is so captivating that make you want for more! Hmm.. perhaps next shall be my own track bike just for this purpose…

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Ducati (Fun) Race … Part 1

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