Bali Trip … Part 3 (end)

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Saturday, the last evening in Bali. The plan was to go see sunset at Uluwatu, and prep the bike for its transportation back to Jakarta. This last ride should be fun and a memorable one, yet the drama continues… (pics from HTML/Nugroho contributed)

We left the hotel just about an hour before sunset. Went pass Ngurah Rai, on the way to Nusa Dua, and then we took right. Passed Udayana University and some of the Ducatista stop by the gas station to refuel the Ducs. I did not refuel, thinking that since this shall be short ride I should have enough fuell. Big mistake!

Just about we enter Uluwatu, the S4 start stalling and momment letter dead stop. I’ve informed fellow rider about this, and at first we thought that perhaps the engine got bad fuell. I got stranded in the middle of southern Bali together with Nugroho while waiting for the help arrive. After we refuell the bike we went back to Kuta for Dinner. Pics above shows us waiting for Bro Andree to arrive.

We had dinner at food court near Hard Rock Cafe Bali. It was some sort of food court-karaoke joint place where the patron can sing while dining. It was hilarious, you know some one singing with the pitch all over the place, yet we enjoyed the crab out of it! I loughed soo hard I cried!

From there we took the bike for its cargo back to Jakarta.

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After all of the bike tuck in for its long ride back to Jakarta, we went back to the hotel. The ride in Bali had been a blast.

More pics can be seen here



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