My first 250km with the S2R..

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It is almost a month since the S2R being delivered to my house, yet I only get 250 km of riding. Arrrgh, waiting for the registration (STNK) to complete is almost unbearable. There you have the most iconic motorcycle ever in your garage and yet you only ride it arround your housing complex!

As I writing this blog, the registration process is still on going. Being this is a build-up and “Motor Besar” (big bore) bike, the registration process is painfully slow.

But since the itch is untollerable, I sometimes used other bike plate to take the Duc out. Not very far though, but enough to strecth her legs. And there you have it 250 km after just a month.

The S2R has been flawless so far, still breaking-in so not as smooth as other older Duc I have ridden. I will not ride the S2R to the max I’m sure, my riding skill will not near its maximum capability. And as other Duc, with its L Twin engine, the torque is immense. It is quite suitable actually for a stop and go traffic we have in Jakarta.

Monster is all about personalization, plenty of after market and mod parts that make yours stand out from the crowd. Well mine will be no different, I have my eye on the Zard exhaust, I shall blogs this Zard on latter time. For now, I’m still admiring the shape and build of the stock units. Being custom to Honda Tiger, seing the S2R off course is, as Rossi say it, exciting!

The stock exhaust units, or the silencer at least, is I think made by Termignoni. There is a small Termignoni logo etched behind it. And it was no slouch either, as you see bellow is still krank out 93 dB(A).

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I’ve riden the Duc out for a ride outside my complex only on holiday and early morning. Riding it with out proper registration will not be enjoyable, your heart race bit faster everytime you see an Officer just ahead. Alas, I did go as far as blok M once. It was a blast.

Riding a Ducati you should aware that many eyes will be on you. Stoping at traffic light, you will be definatelly the center of the attention. Other fellow rider sometimes give a thumbs up, and a return courtessy should be in order. I did try to pull a fast one once, on the twisty road near the Kantor Walikota Jakarta Selatan, right after the traffic light at Kemang intersection and I though I left all other bike behind, you know let them see the back end of my S2R,  but suddenly a Yamaha Scorpio Z just pass me right before the corner. And I cannot catch up, the Scorpio Z rider was out brake me and lean at much leaner angle, thus faster than me in the corner.

Exiting the corner it was no contest, the S2r accelerate much faster then the Scorpio and I left him (or her) behind, but that do not count.  I was being passed during cornering, I bet the Scorpio rider had wide grin in his or her face. You know, tought that Monster rider a lesson, it was not the bike but the rider. I salute that Scorpio rider of being have more skills and guts than me.

Wells, thats it.. the first 250 km report. It was a blast so far, and cannot wait for the next thousand of kilometers ahead…

Thanks for reading.

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8 thoughts on “My first 250km with the S2R..

  1. Be patient Bro….
    I took my brand new STNK-less Honda Tiger out to Bandung from Jakarta using the plates of my previous bike, hehehe… I didn’t dare to ride it to Bandung in broad daylight so I went in the evening. Thankfully, nothing untowards occurred. However, I was anxious throughout the ride.
    Nevertheless, don’t take this comment as an inspiration to do the same with your Duc. A STNK-less bike is a magnet for the police and the bad guys. So, my advice is; endure the itch to ride the Duc, no matter how bad. The negative consequences are far more painful than the ‘itch’. hehehehe…..
    By the way, nice blog and I’m looking forward to your next post.

  2. Welcome bro r’dee to my humble blog..

    Thanks for the kind words, and yes the itch is unbearable… xixixi.

    I’ve been informed that the STNK shall be ready by first week of September, so the waiting time shall ended soon…


  3. I’m still uncertain, will STNK makes bro Bona go faster or slower. He’s going really fast as it is. But I dont know if he’s holding back because it’s a borrowed bike or he’s pushing it cause the bike’s not his.

    Let’s see what happens when he gets his STNK. hehehe

  4. Bro Eko, it neither make me slower nor faster. But off course, slower than you. Sentul lap time shows it.. hehehe.

    I try to ride less frantic, you know Ducati allows you to do just that with its torque and power. But that make riding less enjoyable. Hence.. just go with the flows….

  5. Om Bona, it took more than a month to visit ur blog again and i found it very interesting now. much more exiting to me. the story and the style u use ever since…. Congrat 4 the blog…. Hope blogging just as fun as riding S2R or ur 996 😀

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