Bali Trip … Part 2

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All right.. Lunch time! We had lunch bit late, in a famous Bebek Bangil restaurant. We got there around 3 pm and still pack. At front of restaurant there were lots of HD bikes, obviously this is a favourite place for lunch for bikers. We met fellow bikers, most of them from Jakarta and ride HD.

Bebek Bangil is a very nice restaurant, located at Ubud area with great atmosphere and surrounding. If you happen to go there look for table on the bale-bale or on the back of the restaurant. Very nice view. The recommended menu is off course Duck (bebek).

After lunch we go straight back to the hotel. It was Kuta beach on Friday afternoon during a long week end holidays. It was pack and hot. Entering Kuta area the traffic was bumper to bumper. It just felt like an outdoor sauna with me wearing the Dainesee protector. But better safe than sorry. Not to mention the S4 engine temp has reached more than 120C+ and I can felt it in my crouch! Finally we got to the hotel and had some rest.

For dinner, we went to Jimbaran Bay. Also was packed. The food was good and the companion was even better.

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Saturday, the plan was to go to Bedugul. We start bit earlier than Friday, but still bit late. After refuelling, we off on our way. The traffic was more heavy compare to Friday. A lot of line splitting and riding on the side of the road. Bro Bayu got separated from the group, and since we have a busy day we shall met him in Bangli.

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The ride was OK, but not as enjoyable as Friday due to traffic. Road quality still much better compare to Jakarta’s road. We hade some very nice twisty along the way, but the traffic was also quit heavy. Not much fun!

We also need to stop along the way due to some technical problem at bro Gunawan’s ST2. Its oil indicators kept blinking, and we stopt by at near by Yamaha shop. It turn out the bike was a ok.

Arrive at the bedugul lake arround noon, we  took same pictures and had a few laugh. We found a place to have lunch just by the lake. 

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After lunch we return to the hotel. During the ride back home, the group got splited. The fast group and the nuts! Bro Oci and Bro Andree was riding fast ahead. My self, Bro Didi and Bro Bayu in the second group. And Bro Octav, Bro Iboy and Bro Gunawan on third. The second and third group was held by the traffic, but the first group did not care that there was trafic! Nuts!

We arrived at hotel around 2 – 3 PM, took some rest for the last ride to Uluwatu during sunset.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “Bali Trip … Part 2

  1. I got the same idea, it is “Bebek Bengil” or dirty duck, because during the building construction there is so many dirty duck playing arround.

    Thanks for the story, refreshing my memory about Bali.


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