A ride at Sentul .. Part 2

All right, continuning our “touring” at Sentul circuit. (I called them touring, not racing, since its darn slow and it felt like one.. hihihi..) 

See the first part https://bonadjalins.wordpress.com/2007/08/13/a-ride-at-sentul-circuit/

Turn 2

Turn 2 is fast. Bit lean to the left trying to get max acceleration and speed exiting its apex.

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Pic 2 – R2, fast left hander


Turn 3 – Turn 4

Turn 3 and 4 is series of right hand corner with the latter a much slower and tighter corner. You need good brake point to hit Turn 3 apex properly, but instead of accelerate exiting Turn 4, you need to maintain speed as Turn 4 awaits. I don’t really know how the pro doing it but I maintain my speed exiting Turn 3, unless if I enter Turn 3 too slow.

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Pic 3 – Turn 4, with its infamous white patch tarmac.

Turn 4 has white pacth area at its apex. And it is intimidating at first. You bit concern about the grip, as weather it has the same grip with the normal tarmac, or less grip. Obviously since it is a very tight corner, you enter Turn 4 slowly, this white patch do not help your cornering speed either. It took me several laps to be confidence in this white patch.

Turn 5

Turn 5 is fast left hand corner. Nothing special here. Flat out.

Turn 6 – Turn 7

A chichane, or local called them S-Kecil. A sequent of tight serpentine curves after a fast straight exiting Turn 5. This is the slowest part for me in riding at Sentul. At first it felt like “jalan-jalan seputar kompleks” slow. You need to good entry point to hit the Turn 6 apex properly and flick the bike to the left to Turn 7.

Its also for me the most technical corner in Sentul. Bro Dyan tells us that racing line is very-very crucial to get a decent speed at this Turn 6 – 7. Brake point and racing line entering Turn 6 will determine how fast you exit Turn 7. Need more practice in this parts.

Turn 8 – Turn 9

Also a sequence of corner, yet less tight and more saparate compare to S-Kecil. Pretty much you doing it like S-Kecil but with much greater speed. Also exiting Turn 8 you still can accelerate before preparing for Turn 9. For me good place for overtaking, especially if you exiting Turn 8 properly.

Turn 9 is also technical and challanging, but I like this corner. You can lean quite steep, especially after over taking in the short straight. I think this is the place I will get my first knee down. If ever.

Turn 10 -Turn 11 – Turn 12

I group the corners together because it is a sequence of triple apex. Perhaps as difficult and technical as S Kecil. Corner will slow you down, but you need to exit Turn 12 properly other wise you will not get top speed at home straight.

Turn 10 is the place where I almost got trown away by my bike due to exessive down shifting. Fortunatelly there are Turn 11 – and Turn 12 as a buffer before the gravel.

Lesson learn from the incident was that after downshifting, especially an aggressive one, you need to be smooth at the throttle. You rip it the rear tyre will lock. And it will shake violently. No good.

Turn 11 is pretty much a place for you to prepare for Turn 12. You need to hit Turn 11 apex and continue to the entrance of Turn 12. Racing line is crucial. Little bit wide entering the Turn 12, and once you clear the apex, you just flat out entering home straight!

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Finish line! Another laps at Centul Circuit. My official best time 2:13.xx and it was slow. And that was with a Ducati Multistrada 620. The local expert with Motor Bebek will smoke me easily. As many of them have lap time in 2:0x. My last track day with ST2 should be much faster, but still above 2:05 I think.

Need more track time!

As always… Comments appreciated.


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