Which Ducati… Part 3

Ok.. Just about when I got ready to hit the track the S4 wont start! Perhaps something with the battery, the S4 simply wont start.

Anyhow, fellow Ducatista, bro Jade, was kind enough to let me hit the tarmac with his Monster 620. I bit reluctant at first but being a good guy as he is, he assured me that his bike is fully insured. And I should ride it hard! Thanks bro! Jade was not bringing his gear that day. So he wont hit the track.

Coming from S4 to 620 was bit underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, Monster 620 was not a slouch. I tried several lap, and my first experience was that this bike is smooth. You have just to maintain your speed, as its torque is considerably lower than the S4. The braking is also bit wobbly, especially when you brake hard after flat out straight. This I think because the 620 Dark only has single front brake. It is less balanced compare to the other dual front brake Monsters during braking.


Since the S4 wont’t start. I got to ride the ST2. ST2 is Ducati’s Sport Touring class bike. Its 2 cyl DESMO, 944cc with liquid cool. Its like Jackie Chan in Tuxedo.Very handsome on the outside, yet on the inside is very nimble and quick. The Super Moto’s ST2 also has white strip decals that at first glance looks like a Desmosedici RR.. cool!

At first I though the seat height will be too much for my vertically challenge body. But it was not. I can have one flat foot if my other foot is on the foot peg. I like! It is very stable and maneuvering it at low speed is not difficult, as I experienced letter riding the St2 back home from Sentul.

Hitting the track, I felt the bike just like train. Very-very stable, it pull you effortlessly and without you knowing it the next corner just meters ahead.

I have to say, this is the best track bike I have ever felt in my very little experience hitting the tarmac. Its silently fast, and very-very stable. After several lap, I was very comfortable with the bike already. My cornering speed keep improving. The bike is just politely follow where you pointing at. I hit apex after apex with ease. My lean angle is leaner and leaner. I bet its not that much far from my first knee down! Yay!

But then its happen. We hit the track in group. Bro Yunus with Ducati 999 was leading the way. And we have several riders following his lead. Bro Yunus will keep track of our progress and keep improving the cornering speed. I become too comfortable. After several laps, on entering right hander R11, I down shifted hard from 6 to 4 (or 5 to 3), and the rear tyre lock! The back end of the bike is violenty shaking, almost throw me out of my bike. I keep the front brake press gently, and trying hard controlling the bikes. I let go the throttle and trying hard to keep the bike standing up. Fortunatelly there is plenty of buffer before the gravel. The bike slow down, and I come out the corner safe. I was in the state of shock!

Right behind me is fellow rider with a GSX-R1000. He look at me and point me to the paddock. I think he was bit concern after that experience. I gave him thumb up. And go straight to the pit. We talked after that and he told me “you are entering that corner way too fast”.

No more track for me that day.

I asked fellows Ducatista on that experience. And they told me that what I experienced was a rear tyre lock due to exsessive down shifting. It can resulted on a “high side”, where the rider was thrown away the opposite direction of the corner. Scary as hell. I should less aggressive on the down shifting and more smooth entering a corner.

True racing bike also has slipper cluct to avoid such rear lock. But I blame more on the riding skills than that the fact ST2 has not slipper clucth.

To be continued..


4 thoughts on “Which Ducati… Part 3

  1. I got about 3 times of that experience, to fast hitting the corner, then I think I ran slightly to fast entering that corner, so I Brake as hard as could, then the bike get whobling and I misses the corner and out to the gravel, just luck that prevent me from falling out.
    Beginners kinda ride 😀

    after about 50 laps, I started to get confidence enough to literally drag my foot steps on the tarmac.
    Left & Right, mostly left.

    Event though I wanted badly to do a knee down, since i don’t have a wear pack with a knee slider, I can’t do it.

    Still dreaming of a knee down.

  2. Welcome bro Citra! 🙂

    You are the first to comments on my humble Blog, thanks bro!

    Yup, track day is very addictive. Cannot wait for my next one.. 🙂

    I shall complete my Sentul Ride blog.

  3. Yup, riding in sentul is very addictive.

    I’m looking forward to my first knee down experience. I spent almost the whole time on our last trip to sentul, improving my cornering.
    Maybe bro bona noticed that I was pretty slow on the straights, but I flt I’m going faster on corners.

    As bro Bona mentioned, I’ll probably do it on R9
    Wish me luck….

  4. We all shall do “selametan”, if we ever have our first knee down… xixixi.

    Yes, on the last track day, fellow Ducatista (like bro EkoWD, bro Didi and bro Nug) all were deliberatelly slower on the straight, but maintain speed during corner.

    Wish me luck also, knee down has officially become one of my goal… 🙂

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