A ride at Sentul Circuit..

All right… it’s Track Day!!

Sentul is Indonesia’s premier circuit. It was used for MotoGP, WSBK, and several other international motor racing. It was designed for an F1 circuit, yet due to the economic crisis its chances to have F1 car racing on its tarmac is as slim as I will ever ride a Desmosedici RR.

Enough about its history, bellow is my take on riding at Sentul. I ride Multistrada 620, ST2 and a Monster 620 on it, all Ducati’s bike. The circuit is clock wise and 3.96 km in length.

Home Straight

The longest straight, about 900m. Top gear with speed about 180 – 190 kph on ST2, bit lower with MTS 620. Good exit from R12 is crucial to have a good top speed. But carefull not over do it as my experience latter bellow at R12.

Braking point for me is about 150m if I rode MTS620, bit longer with the ST2. From crouching position, you brake hard, down shift to 4th and let the bike lean to the right.

My first time experience braking hard from 180 kph on home straight was quite amazing. When you pull your torso from the crouching position, the wind resistance was immense! You just grip the handle bar as hard as you can while your thigh pressing the tank due to instense braking. Awesome!

Turn 1

Turn 1 is 90 deg right hand corner. Very importance you hit the apex properly. It is an intimidating corner, especially when you just flat out on the home straight. Too slow you loose momentum going to the high speed left corner Turn 2. Too fast you shall ended up on gravel.

My first try I only managed to get 80 – 85 kph at this corner. And it is slow. I tell you, the local expert here with Motor Bebek can maintaine 100 kph+ on this corner. With out braking!

Also, this corner need confidance for you to point the bike to the apex and to its exit. After several try I did improve. And on my last track day with ST2 I can get about 100 kph on this corner.

Turn 2

Turn 2 is relatively easy left hander. It is high speed, with minimum lean angle. You need good  line exiting Turn 1 to keep the momentum going.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “A ride at Sentul Circuit..

  1. Since my bike is 200cc Honda Tiger, i can only ride as fast at 120kph, if a get lucky it could run 130kph at Sentul Circuit.

    commenting R1 and R2, especially R1.
    Since my bike doesn’t run very fast, i had a lot of time to look at the speedometer.
    After lapping it several times, I started to believe that i do R1 without braking at all, just set my knee outright, close the throttle, body upright and glide right.

    First attempt is when bro Eko WD pass me at the main straight with his 750 Ducati Monster, I think that i had to catch him on the corner with my 200cc Honda Tiger * Stupid idea Ha.. 😀 *. So it happen, I’m out to the gravel and straight down to tall grass, lucky I don’t end up on the ground.

    A month later, Second Attempt with far clearer mind, after 3 laps of warming up, 120kph right hander smoothly done.

    R2 is rather easier part for it not a very sharp corner.

  2. Bro Citra, you are much faster than I do at R1 for sure. Without braking Tiger can hit 110-120 khp at the apex I think.

    Yup, you certainly won’t hit the brake with Tigi, other wise you loose momentum exiting R1. But that need guts. Which I still lack 🙂 Xixixixi.

    I did felt more confidence with the ST2 at R1, and the last track day I think its 100 kph+ entering R1. Almost get my knee down!

    Braking point is very-very important if you need to brake to enter R1. Missed it you ended up in gravel for sure.

  3. I thought I felt someone mentioned my name. hehehe.

    Wow, 120 on R1 is a really great speed. That’s the max I can get with my duc. I once tried 130, but I felt both of my tyres (front & back) lost its grips. Good thing I didnt fell on the tarmac. It would have been a traumatic experience. Probably not physically, but more of a financial trauma when I have to fix my bike. hehehe

  4. @bro eko: You about to have a low side if you loose grip during corner. And yes, it will be financially troublesome.. xixixi.. but better than a high side, where you most likely to both financially and physically tramatic.

    As for Bro Citra, I bet at that speed bro Citra will have his knee puck grinding the tarmac if he wear one.

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