OK… so which Ducati…? Part 1

Waiting for my Duc to arrive, I did contemplate on weather I make the right decision with the Monster. My reason to choose the Monster is pretty much due to my physical figure. I’m 163 cm (5’4″ hmmm make it 5’5″ in a good day) and seat height is really a concern. Monster has one of the lowest seat height among the Motor Gede here in Indonesia. Off course there always Harley Davidson, with its low couch seating like position. But I just can’t see my self riding a Harley just yet. Perhaps not for another 15 years… 🙂

The good folks at PT Super Moto (ATPM Ducati Indonesia) did lend me their bikes for several time. I rode Mutlistrada 620, Monter S4 and ST2. Here’s my take on those bikes;


The first bike that I got lent was the Multistrada 620. This was during the preparation and for the Fun Race that PT Super Moto was arranging for the Ducati owner in Indonesia. Multistrada (MTS) being an all road, multi purpose or motorcyle SUV as one said, is a quite a big bike. Good thing I got the 620, not the 1000 or the 1100 with its 85 cm seat height.

The first time I tried the MTS was actually the first time I’ve ever ridden a Ducati. I used to ride the very popular 200cc Honda Tiger from the office. Being a first timer, it was quite a shock for me when the first time I squeze the MTS throtle… woaaaa… The torque and power was just awesome. Please bear in mind, I had just ridden a Honda Tiger before that, coming from a 200cc to 625cc might bit overwhelming.

MTS is a very balance bike. With it up right seating position, it is very-very stable. MTS was also my first time experiencing a dry clucth. And at first I thought the clutch was broken, but that seem to be just how it dry clutch work. Every time I change gear, the clucth gave this “thud” sound that very-very diferent then the Honda Tiger, especially for the 1 gear.

Height wise,  I was bit strugling with this bike during stop/slow movement. I cannot get one of my foot flat on the groud. Always tip-toe ing and very-very dificult making a slow tight corner or reversing for park. Riding this bike I have to basicaly very careful on how and where I should stop and put my foot down.

But once the bike move, it is very-very comfortable. The up right position, foot peg, etc, they all made for long ride. Very enjoyable. I can see my self riding this MTS for hours and hours as long as we seldom stop along the way.

Look wise, hmmmmmm, I’m bit baffle. From the back with its under seat exhaust is sexy as hell…. but from the front…  not really my taste..

Overall: I enjoy riding this bike. For long ride, touring, MTS is a bike to choose.

To be continued…


5 thoughts on “OK… so which Ducati…? Part 1

  1. Ahhh…. I remember this day. I think it was also the first time I met bro Bona.

    But cmiiw, bit I think the 620 engine still uses a wet clutch system. The dry clutch is for the 1 litre engines

  2. Welcome bro Eko… 🙂

    I guess you are right, the MTS 620 does have wet clutch. My bad…

    Still, Tiger clutch is much softer compare to MTS 620. Which make me thinks its dry.

    Thanks for the info..

  3. Hmmm… really?
    Maybe so, but after I installed a cyllinder slave pump on my duc’s clutch system, it doesnt feel that different of a tiger’s clutch. And duc’s clutch is more…. ‘mantap’, in a way making it feel lighter.
    But the brake lever is definitely softer on the ducs. Tigy’s are a bit awkward. And the brake performance just doesnt compare. I almost crashed yesterday after a high speed run. My mind set was still on a duc and I did a late braking. Huge mistake.

    After I crashed a couple of months ago, my body & arms were aching. When I had to bring my tigy, everything felt worse. But when I brought my duc my body wass fine.
    So I conclude that riding a duc is gentler on your body 🙂

  4. Oh yes… My 2007 blue tigi has much more “softer” clutch noise compare to the MTS 620. Or even compare with my new S2R. And it is less “violent” every time the gear engaged. Especially for the first gear.

    But, c’mon we dig that right! I personally prefer how the Ducs clutch felt (both wet and dry). When its engaged, you felt that you are about to unleash a monstrous power on your left hand! Xixixi.. Not “whip” feeling like the tigi has…

    You crashed!? Was it serious? Ah this is worth another topics! I hope you recover fully.

  5. Talking about brake, off course it is night and day.

    Even the S2R the brake is just awesome. Bro Amos S4RS I read has the most powerful brake in all the Monster line.. with the Radial Brembo caliper and all, talk about stopping power…

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